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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SEASON IN REVIEW: 2015-16 Miscellaneous Awards

Today is the final day of the 2015-16 season and that means time for some miscellaneous awards that I always end the season with. The blog will updated but quiet this summer as usual. Have a great summer!

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New Girl (FOX) - Now two years removed from its horrible third season, New Girl has come all the way back to being the irreverent, hilarious comedy it appeared to be the first two seasons. New Girl hit all the right marks this year with the wonderful arc leading up to Schmidt and Cece's wedding. Zooey Deschanel was gone on maternity leave for several episodes and the show didn't miss a beat. The departure of Damon Wayans Jr. from the cast also was a win for me because I never liked his character. They didn't try to replace him, they just focused on the core five characters and had a fantastic season from top to bottom.

RUNNER-UP: Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)

Scandal (ABC) - I had a hard time with this award because I don't think any of the dramas I watch had their best seasons ever. But I ultimately went with Scandal only because its highs were higher than any other returning drama. That's not to say it didn't have its low moments because there were several points in the season where Scandal seemed to be going off the edge. But when it focused on the upcoming election, in particular the primary fights, it seemed like a show moving in a direction with wild twists and turns. As long as the new season continues to follow the election without going too fast through it, I think Scandal still has some life.

RUNNER-UP: Chicago Fire (NBC)

Gotham (FOX) - There's always a show that can't regain its magic from season one. This year, it was Gotham which just got too bogged down in its own mythology, something it was headed toward in season one. There are just far too many characters in Gotham as they seem to feel the need to head a million directions at once. With no focus or direction, Gotham became even more of a scattered mess. Despite some strong individual performances, I finally gave up on it about halfway through the season.

The Catch (ABC) - ABC gave The Catch a surprise reprieve when it was renewed for a second season. This was a show that I enjoyed but I wasn't attached to it and quickly gave up on it when the ratings came in. Well since it got renewed, I decided to start binging season one and I'm hooked. I love the more lighthearted feel but still with Shondaland elements. Peter Krause and Mirielle Enos are both very strong here and now I find myself excited that there will be a season two!

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) - Speaking of Shondaland, this show was close to receiving my "Biggest Disappointment" award but I did watch it for the entire season and couldn't quite tear myself away. But it's close to the chopping block and it's going to have to have a New Girl type revival to avoid being one of the casualties when I find new shows I like in the fall. Season two of How to Get Away with Murder felt like more of the same and going for shock value and edgy storylines just for the sake of being edgy. It's already lost sight of the show it could be.

Making a Murderer (Netflix) - I couldn't let the whole season go by without mentioning my favorite guilty pleasure of the year. But a documentary isn't really a sitcom or a drama though there was plenty of drama. The story of Steven Avery - at times heartbreaking and at times very confusing, was perfectly fit for a binge TV era. With a cast of characters even the best TV dramas couldn't cook up, it was well deserving of all its hype and attention.

From the sitcoms I watch: The Middle, The Goldbergs, Modern Family, Black-ish, Fresh Off the Boat, Life in Pieces
Sue Heck (The Middle)
Diane Johnson (Black-ish)
Axl Heck (The Middle)
Haley Dunphy (Modern Family)
Jack Johnson (Black-ish)
Adam Goldberg (The Goldbergs)
Emery Huang (Fresh Off the Boat)
Ericka Goldberg (The Goldbergs)
Sophia Hughes (Life in Pieces)
Evan Huang (Fresh Off the Boat)
Eddie Huang (Fresh Off the Boat)
Brick Heck (The Middle)
Barry Goldberg (The Goldbergs)
Andre Johnson Jr. (Black-ish)
Zoey Johnson (Black-ish)
Alex Dunphy (Modern Family)
Lily Tucker-Pritchett (Modern Family)
Samantha Hughes (Life in Pieces)
Rico Rodriguez (Modern Family)
Joe Pritchett (Modern Family)
Tyler Hughes (Life in Pieces)
Luke Dunphy (Modern Family)

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