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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

SEASON IN REVIEW: 2014-15 Miscellaneous Awards

Here is my final look at the 2014-15 season with a few miscellaneous awards, including some fun ones. This summer, keep checking back for pilot reviews of scripted shows & ratings recaps (when worth writing). It'll be quieter than it is during the season but it'll still be worth checking!

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The Goldbergs (ABC) - After a very promising first season that did have some growing pains, The Goldbergs moved to Wednesday nights and hit its stride in a big way from the very beginning. The characters are becoming less caricatures and more real solid performances. The show is both funnier and sweeter than it was in season one. It is a truly great family comedy that has allowed the 80s to be so integral to the show without defining it. It's a gem.

The Runner-Up: Mom (CBS)

Blue Bloods (CBS) - It may not be as thrilling as Scandal or How to Get Away with Murder or even Chicago Fire can be, but no show is consistently high quality like Blue Bloods. In many ways, it's comfort food. But a show that is often made fun of for being so old-skewing actually seemed awfully relevant in a year where tensions with police were all over the news. If only every city had a Police Commissioner like Frank Reagan. Blue Bloods is to police what The West Wing was to politics - it shows the best a world can be and a world we wish we lived in.

The Runner-Up: Chicago Fire (NBC)

The Blacklist (NBC) - After I did it last year (for a third year show), the revised award for biggest disappointment for a second season of a show shall forever be named after Revenge. The recipient this year is The Blacklist. It was one of my favorite shows last year but I was worried about where it was headed and understandably so. This is a show that could have benefited from being simpler and just got too bogged down it is mythology. It was losing me in the fall and then I gave it one more chance with the Super Bowl episode before dropping it permanently.

Chicago PD (NBC) - Chicago PD was another sophomore show I stopped watching this year (except for the crossovers) except I truly can't understand why I don't it. I like the cast, I like police shows, and I like the Chicago franchise. It should be one of my favorites but I just can't get into it. Maybe I will give it one more chance next season or maybe it'll just crossover with Chicago Fire, Law & Order: SVU, and Chicago Med so much that I'll be forced to watch it.

New Girl (FOX) - After receiving my "Best Returning Comedy" award in 2012-13 and then my "Revenge" award in 2013-14, New Girl was a bit of a mystery heading into the season. Would it be the quirky, sharply written show from season two or the aimless and lost season three show? Well, it ended up being somewhere in-between but it was more to the positive. New Girl corrected a lot of the errors that allowed it to fall apart last year. And they got more back to basics by dropping the Nick and Jess relationship and focusing on the friendship among the roommates. I think it's heading one more step forward next season with Damon Wayans Jr. leaving after he never really worked for me. This show may not have much life left but at least it's good again.

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