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Monday, February 1, 2016


Here is my February Freshman Scorecard. As always, these are ordered from my opinion of best to worst chance for survival. There is nothing premiering in February but we may get a couple renewals or cancellations, we'll see!

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Quantico - ABC seems pretty set on making this work considering they reran two episodes of it through most Sundays in December and January. ItCBS would take an epic collapse to not get renewed and it may even have a better shot with The Family coming in as a lead-in when it returns in March. 80%

Dr. Ken - This still seems to have the best chance of anything that has followed Last Man Standing so far, but it has sagged a bit in the ratings lately. I still think it's done enough to get a second season. 75%

Bachelor Live - I can definitely see this being a January filler to be paired with The Bachelor again next season. 70%

The Muppets - This is still a major toss-up. When it comes back this week, it will air at 8:30pm instead of 8pm. If it can't do any better there, it could get canned but the branding or its retooling might be enough for ABC to renew it. 50%

The Great Holiday Baking Show - This could come back as a filler next December or ABC might find something they want to try instead. 45%

My Diet is Better Than Yours - A complete dud on Thursday nights in January, I don't see it coming back even as filler. 10%

Blood & Oil - Unofficially cancelled. 1%

Wicked City - Officially cancelled.


Supergirl - The big new drama entry of the year has stabilized on Monday. CBS wants to be in this brand and it needed to fall on its face to not have a second season. It hasn't so it will certainly get renewed. 90%

Life in Pieces - This has been looking a little bit stronger lately, especially when it did equally well with a repeat lead-in. I see it coming back, but not coupled with The Big Bang Theory anymore. 75%

Limitless - I feel like this still has a pretty good shot at getting renewed but I don't think it deserves to. After a surprisingly good start, it has floundered lately and seems to have lost any buzz it once had. 55%

Angel From Hell - After a ho-hum debut, it has held steady for a couple weeks. If CBS really wants to stay in the singlecam game, I guess I could see this getting paired with Life in Pieces, but I think CBS will try for something better. 35%

Code Black - It hasn't done horribly. If anything, I actually think it deserves a renewal more than Limitless. But I don't see it happening for this show. It needed to be stronger earlier and more consistently. 25%


Blindspot - Renewed.

Chicago Med - The newest entry in the Chicago franchise has been a big success story and is now doing well without The Voice lead-in. On to Chicago Law! 99%

Superstore - This is the first new comedy that has shown some life for NBC in years. And I fully expect them to nurture it and give it another season thanks to the early promise. 85%

Shades of Blue - The new Jennifer Lopez drama had a promising start and has held steady since a second week drop. In another year, it would be a sure renewal but NBC has a lot of dramas working right now so there may not be room for this one. 50%

You, Me, and the Apocalypse - It had a modest debut and I fully expect it to drop soon to the point where it's an easy one and done show unless it airs overseas again and gets a summer run. 15%

Telenovela - Unlike Superstore, this Monday comedy has shown very little life and seems destined to run out the string and then not be heard of again. 10%

Truth Be Told/The Player - Unofficially Cancelled. 1%

Heroes: Reborn/Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris - Officially cancelled.


Scream Queens - Renewed.

The X-Files - It had a huge debut but is only airing for six episodes. Despite possible objections from the creatives involved, I think FOX will bend over backwards to try to get it for another short run next season. The only reason this wouldn't get renewed is if they can't get the deal done. 90%

Lucifer - I still fully expect this to drop but it did have a good first week and it's going to always have a decent lead-in with The X-Files and then Gotham. It's a toss-up at this point because I'm skeptical of what it will look like in the weeks to come. 65%

Rosewood - I think things could get a little rough for this show since it's coming back without Empire. That sends it firmly to the toss-up category. 60%

Grandfathered - It has the best shot of any new sitcom but its ratings are still pretty low. But FOX may try to get this to work for another season. 50%

Bordertown - I like this one's chances slightly more than Cooper Barrett because it seems like it's time for FOX to have another cartoon and Bob's Burgers started slow too. I could see it getting at least some type of second order. 45%

Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life - This one doesn't seem like it stands a chance because I think it's going to fall flat on its face without a football lead-in this spring. 20%

The Grinder - As I've said all along, getting a full season was a win for this show. It won't get more. 10%

Second Chance - Already benched to Fridays and collapsing there means it has next to no chance. 2%

Minority Report - Unofficially cancelled. 1%

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