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Friday, March 1, 2013


It's time for the March scorecard! As always, these are ranked from best to worst chance of survival by network. By the time the April scorecard comes around, Red Widow, Celebrity Diving, and Ready for Love can be added to the list! We also may have some renewals. Also check out Freshman Scorecards from March 2012 and March 2011 as well as last month.


Nashville - ABC's freshman class is horribly weak but I still think Nashville has the best chance because it's their only relevant drama (and I don't think Red Widow will change that). Plus it remains buzzy even with low numbers.

Malibu Country - It's not doing worse than The Neighbors but it's Friday timeslot may keep it going another year.

The Neighbors - This could really go either way. Some weeks it looks like it might get a renewal while other weeks, it looks like it could be cancelled. I think it's as on the fence as a show can get.

The Taste - It's slipping away on Tuesday nights and I think ABC can do better, even if its with another reality show.

Zero Hour - Completely dead after ABC's worst in-season premiere number ever. If it is allowed to air all its episodes, that's a victory for this show.

Last Resort/666 Park Avenue - Cancelled


Elementary - Even with the Super Bowl airing, it's far from impressive but it's been CBS's strongest 10pm show in recent week and easily the strongest new show on CBS. So it's a sure thing for renewal.

Golden Boy - It had a very weak Tuesday premiere this week. I only put it above Vegas because it still has a chance to stabilize.

Vegas - It'll air the rest of its episodes but there's no way it's coming back. Total viewers notwithstanding, this show has been a huge disappointment.

The Job/Partners/Made in Jersey - Cancelled


Chicago Fire - The only good thing about NBC's disastrous winter is this show, which has consistently been a surprising performer. I think an early renewal is coming this month.

Revolution - Let's see how it does when it returns on March 25 but after NBC's winter, it could lose half its audience and still be a sure thing renewal.

Go On - This show has completely plummeted in recent weeks but a 1.1 demo is still on the bubble status for NBC and now it gets The Voice back at the end of the month. If NBC keeps any of their freshman sitcoms, this will be it.

Guys with Kids - It ended its season this week with a very low performance. It's only hope is NBC goes in a multi-camera direction in a big way or NBC feels indebted to Jimmy Fallon.

The New Normal - The wheels have fallen off for this show. I don't even think the return of The Voice will save this show. NBC's not keeping this and Go On.

1600 Penn - It's lower than the other sitcoms which is saying something. It's a dead show walking.

Deception - It's actually not doing incredibly bad by NBC's low winter benchmark. But NBC is a little stronger in the drama department so they don't need this.

Take it All - Very unlikely to come back in any format.

Do No Harm/Animal Practice - Cancelled


The Following - One of the few hits of the season, it not the only genuine hit depending on how Revolution returns. FOX got lucky here after their horrible fall.

The Mindy Project - I think this and The Neighbors are the biggest wildcards with a couple months to go. This all depends on the direction FOX wants to go with their comedies.

Ben and Kate/The Mob Doctor - Cancelled

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