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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Happy November! Check below this post for a review of The McCarthys.

Here's the Freshman Scorecard for November. As always, these are ranked from my opinion of best to worst chance for survival. By December's scorecard, we can add State of Affairs to the list and we may have a few more cancellations.

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Black-ish - Already with a full season, this show has been a big success story in a slot that has been so problematic for ABC. It's the closest thing to a sure bet this side of NCIS: New Orleans 98%

How to Get Away with Murder - The show hasn't been sprinting to the heights of its early episodes but it's TV's top 10pm drama and one of the biggest DVR gainers on top of that. There's no way it's not coming back. 95%

Cristela - The show has done OK on Fridays so far, but the bigger question is what will ABC do with midseason entry Fresh Off the Boat and do they want to keep airing comedies on Friday nights? It's a toss-up for now. 50%

Forever - I think Forever will definitely get extra episodes, if not a full season. But I have a hard time believing it's going to do enough on top of that to actually get a second season. 20%

Selfie - This is a dead show walking. The only thing that's kept it from getting yanked is the fact that Manhattan Love Story did that much worse. 10%

Manhattan Love Story - Cancelled.


NCIS: New Orleans - The surest bet for a second season out of any new show on any network. It's fit in nicely in a cozy slot and CBS loves their franchises. 99%

Scorpion - This has been the surprise of the season so far for me. It is holding up extremely well and it has definitely found its audience. 80%

Madam Secretary - The full season was a foregone conclusion, but I'm still not sure about this especially when the football season ends and CBS Sundays run into trouble. It doesn't help that CBS doesn't have a ton of space. 55%

Stalker - The full season was a success for this show, but I don't see it being able to get a second season. As I said, CBS has limited space and with three stronger new dramas ahead of it plus all the returning shows, it's hard to envision it coming back. 25%

The McCarthys - It's only had one episode but it's pretty clear that this is a clunker. It'll be lucky if it lives through December. 10%


The Mysteries of Laura - It deservedly got a full season but I'm not ready to say it'll get a second season. If State of Affairs or the midseason dramas fail, it has a better chance. The best thing it has going for it is it seems to fit in really nicely with the other Wednesday dramas on NBC. 65%

Marry Me - This has been the biggest disappointment of the new season as it can't even post decent numbers with a lead-in from The Voice. I think NBC knows it would crash and burn completely in a different slot. 30%

Constantine - It's just been one episode, but I don't think it's going to hold up well enough to have a chance here. NBC has a cheaper option in Hannibal for this slot, and I think they'll use it. 25%

Bad Judge/A to Z - Cancelled but finishing their initial orders.


Gotham - Yes, it keeps dropping but it would have a long way to go on any network. On FOX, it's still a huge hit comparatively. No way it's not getting renewed. 95%

Red Band Society - FOX is going to have to clean house after this season, pure and simple. I don't see much of anything this side of Gotham coming back next year. If this show gets extra episodes, that would be a win. 25%

Mulaney - No chance. The episode order being cut was a de-facto cancellation. 2%

Utopia - Just like Mulaney, the move to Fridays only was a de-facto cancellation. What a mess for FOX. 2%

Gracepoint - It's 10 episode limited order will be just that. No chance for a second go-round. 1%

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