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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Here is the Freshman Scorecard for November! As always, these are ranked from my opinions of best to worst chance for a second season. If interested, check out the October scorecard as well as past November scorecards from 2011 and 2010!

The Neighbors - It has a full season and is doing better than most (including me) thought it would at this point. But it's not a success story by any means, none of ABC's new shows are.

Nashville - This was ABC's big freshman show and it's nowhere near expectations but the results for all of ABC's dramas have been brutal and you have to think they'll be more patient with this one.

Last Resort - Last week's big drop is not a promising sign. It looks like it will be the next show to bite the dust in ABC's cursed Thursday 8pm slot.

666 Park Avenue - A glaring weak spot on Sunday night. I can't imagine it will last beyond the initial 13 episodes as it has been very disappointing.

Elementary - Not the hit CBS was hoping for but CBS has had a rough fall and this is their top newbie. I don't see that changing as the year goes on which nearly guarantees it a renewal because they're not going to cancel everything!

Vegas - The total viewership count is good but this show has become one of the oldest skewing on TV. It got a full season so CBS has some faith but I think if it manages a renewal at all, it will be Friday bound next season.

Partners - CBS's only new fall sitcom is bringing Monday night down. Unfortunately CBS is pretty thin on the bench which is usually fine for them but not in the rough fall they're having. I could see this going 16-18 episodes and that's it.

Made in Jersey - The first cancellation of the season.

Revolution - Easily the biggest new hit of the fall season. NBC will give it a four month rest until it returns with The Voice on March 25. I'm not sure what I think about that move because long hiatuses can be bad for shows like this but it will also not have to air without its friend, The Voice and that will be helpful.

Go On - The top rated new comedy of the season but it seems to rely heavily on The Voice. Still, given the state of NBC comedy, I would be shocked if this didn't get a second season.

Chicago Fire - It's not setting the world on fire (haha, get it?) but it has done a good job of holding the Law & Order: SVU audience for the most part. I think NBC wants a procedural drama and SVU is on its last legs so they'll try to develop this one.

The New Normal - It's not pulling great ratings but this is one of those shows that NBC seems so desperate to make work that they'll keep it on no matter what. Sort of like Community.

Guys with Kids - It has built on its lead-in every single week this season but it's still very low overall. If it can improve when it has multicam buddy Whitney in front of it, its chances will go up.

Animal Practice - The second cancellation of the season.

The Mindy Project - FOX is having a miserable fall with its new shows as The Mindy Project is its highest rated show and it got a 1.5 demo on Tuesday night. Still, FOX is committed to this comedy block and Mindy remains their top new priority.

Ben and Kate - Don't let the extra episode order fool you. This show won't be renewed at its current ratings. If FOX keeps one of its disappointing freshmen comedies, it'll be The Mindy Project, not this one.

The Mob Doctor - FOX is continuing to air this until January despite some of the worst ratings for any new show but then its replaced by The Following and we'll probably never hear of it again.

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