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Friday, May 19, 2017

UPFRONTS 2017: The CW's Official Schedule

Last but not least, here is the CW schedule!

Check back next week for my wrap-up of the 2016-17 season!

8:00 Supergirl (3rd Season)
9:00 VALOR
The CW is moving Jane the Virgin to another night and giving a prized new show one of their decent lead-ins from Supergirl. Valor has been a hot pilot and it will be given a chance to succeed but I don't know what I think of this pairing. I guess of any of the superhero shows were going to be a lead-in, maybe this is the best option?

8:00 The Flash (4th Season)
9:00 DC's Legends of Tomorrow (3rd Season)
Tuesdays will go back to the winter pairing of The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. It was a successful pairing but it's a little surprising that the CW is not using what is easily their biggest lead-in on a new show. That being said, it seems likely that they are planning to give this slot to Black Lightning at midseason since Legends of Tomorrow doesn't make full seasons of episodes.

8:00 Riverdale (2nd Season)
Wednesday nights goes from being a superhero/supernatural night to a soapy night as they will pair sophomore Riverdale with their splashy new update of 1980s iconic drama Dynasty. While these two are both soaps, they don't share much else in common as Riverdale is more for teens while Dynasty will likely appeal to an older crowd. The CW is also not giving these shows any sort of superhero support, but maybe they are hoping the branding of the night will pay off. It's a risk, but I get what they're trying to do here.

8:00 Supernatural (13th Season)
9:00 Arrow (6th Season)
The CW is putting Arrow and Supernatural together again after some time apart, but now Supernatural will lead off the night while Arrow moves to 9pm. Arrow had a rough decline this year and is now not clearly ahead of other CW shows not named The Flash. So there was less of an inclination to use it as a lead-in and they needed to find a show that could air against This is Us and Scandal. And so Arrow gets the task. It's decent counter programming.

8:00 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (3rd Season)
9:00 Jane the Virgin (4th Season)
The CW is basically giving up on Fridays and leaving it for their critically acclaimed but very low rated dramedies. Ceazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin are a great pair with each other and truthfully they wouldn't do much better on another night, if at all. Still, we may see a 0.1 demo at some point from this lineup next year.

As mentioned, I expect Black Lightning to go to Tuesdays at 9pm. Life Sentence fits best with the Friday dramedies, but I expect it to get a better slot for a launch while The Originals probably returns to Fridays. The 100 and iZombie will probably get slots based on how the fall goes.

CANCELLED/ENDED: Frequency, No Tomorrow, Reign, The Vampire Diaries

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