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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

QUICK HITS: Midseason Schedule Suggestion for CW

Here are my midseason thoughts for CW!

The CW has had a rough start to their season aside from a solid start for Supergirl. Their two new shows are flops while previous stalwarts The Flash and Arrow seem weaker. They have a lot of returning shows and one new show on deck for midseason.

8:00 Supergirl
9:00 iZombie
Supergirl has made a successful transition to The CW and is solidly their second highest rated show next to The Flash. I imagine their beloved Jane the Virgin will stay on Mondays but I think it has proven its ceiling no matter what is in front of it so I would instead bring iZombie to the night and see how it does before launching a new show after Supergirl in the fall.

8:00 The Flash
9:00 Riverdale
The Flash is down but still the strongest show on the network and No Tomorrow is absolutely wasting that lead-in. They have just one show on the bench - Archie comics show Riverdale so I think they have to give it a chance behind their biggest show. I don't really think there's another option here, honestly.

8:00 Arrow
9:00 (Jan) Frequency/(Mar) The 100
Frequency is almost as big a problem as No Tomorrow but not quite as it has done slightly better in terms of ratings and reviews with a lower-rated lead-in. Arrow is down but should of course stay at 8pm. I would extend Frequency to 18 episodes or so and then air The 100 here late in the season.

8:00 DC's Legends of Tomorrow
9:00 Supernatural
I would leave Thursdays alone in the spring. DC's Legends of Tomorrow has been solid so far and Supernatural pretty much works anywhere. Nothing to worry about here this season.

8:00 (Jan) The Vampire Diaries/(Mar) The Originals
9:00 Jane the Virgin
I know it's critically acclaimed but Crazy Ex-Girlfriend needs to go. I would move Jane the Virgin over to the night and let Crazy go, though I do not think that will happen. The Vampirie Diaries is in a shortened final season and can give way to spin-off The Originals when the first run ends.


CANCEL: No Tomorrow, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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