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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


7:00 America's Funniest Home Videos (Repeat)
Viewers: 3.8 million, 18-49 demo: 0.7
8:00 Celebrity Family Feud
Viewers: 6.7 million, 18-49 demo: 1.3
9:00 2017 Miss America Competition
Viewers: 6.3 million, 18-49 demo: 1.3

7:00 60 Minutes
Viewers: 8.0 million, 18-49 demo: 1.0
8:00 Big Brother
Viewers: 6.2 million, 18-49 demo: 1.8
9:00 BrainDead
Viewers: 2.4 million, 18-49 demo: 0.4
10:00 BrainDead
Viewers: 2.1 million, 18-49 demo: 0.3

7:00 Football Night in America
Viewers: 8.3 million, 18-49 demo: 2.9
8:20 Sunday Night Football
Viewers: 23.1 million, 18-49 demo: 8.4

7:00 NFL Overrun

Viewers: 23.2 million, 18-49 demo: 7.8
7:49 The OT
Viewers: 16.0 million, 18-49 demo: 5.8
8:00 Son of Zorn
Viewers: 6.1 million, 18-49 demo: 2.4
8:30 The Simpsons (Repeat)
Viewers: 3.3 million, 18-49 demo: 1.4
9:00 Family Guy (Repeat)
Viewers: 2.8 million, 18-49 demo: 1.2
9:30 The Last Man on Earth (Repeat)
Viewers: 1.9 million, 18-49 demo: 0.8

On Sunday night, the first new show came out of the gate over a week before any other series premieres. Son of Zorn got a sneak peek after the first NFL Sunday on FOX and the results were a pretty good sampling with a 2.4 demo. This doesn't really tell us about how it will do though, that will come when it starts following The Simpsons in two weeks. On NBC, the Cardinals-Patriots game that kicked off Sunday Night Football was down from last year's opener. So far, football has been a little down from last year but it's still early. On ABC, the season finale of Celebrity Family Feud delivered its best numbers since July 31 while the 2017 Miss America Competition was down a little bit from last year. On CBS, Big Brother was up a million viewers and four tenths in the demo from last week's Labor Day weekend performance while the season (and certainly series) finale of BrainDead posted pitiful numbers.

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