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Sunday, December 1, 2013


Here is the December Freshman Scorecard! As always, these are ranked by my opinion of best to worst chance of survival.

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The Goldbergs - I struggled with whether to put this or Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but given the state of ABC comedies, I think this one has the better chance for survival. It's been doing OK in a tough timeslot and ABC seems very committed to it.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - The recent numbers this week seem encouraging and maybe ABC needs to move this away from the NCIS competition. I still think it would have to fall quite a bit to not get a renewal for next season.

Trophy Wife - Getting a full season was a win for this show. Without being given a chance on Wednesdays (and it appears ABC will not do that), I think it'll have a hard time getting a second season.

Super Fun Night - A planned early end to the season in February is almost always a sign of cancellation, but Mixology could do worse in the same slot so who knows. I'd still be surprised to see this get a renewal.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland/Betrayal - Not officially cancelled but not going beyond their initial limited series order. Therefore, they're essentially cancelled.

Back in the Game/Lucky 7 - Cancelled.


The Crazy Ones - The three new comedies still alive are all pretty close in my opinion. But CBS giving this show a Thanksgiving marathon and the fact that it arguably has the worst slot and the most unproven lead-in, I think this show will be renewed.

Mom - This show has been up and down but Mondays are tougher for CBS than Thursdays and it's holding its own there. With How I Met Your Mother ending, I think this show's chances are good.

The Millers - Its raw numbers are better than The Crazy Ones or Mom but CBS does not have a good history of renewing shows with poor retention out of The Big Bang Theory and this one is worse than usual.

Hostages - Ending its limited season order in January. Not officially cancelled but no chance of returning.

We Are Men - Cancelled.


The Blacklist - I don't see any scenario where this show doesn't get renewed for a second season. The only question is will NBC let it fly on its own since its seeming more and more like a standalone hit?

The Michael J. Fox Show - It will run the full 22 episodes because NBC foolishly committed to that many, but I'd be surprised to see it come back. I still think NBC should have bagged it after 11 and retooled it for a relaunch next year with better actors and writing surrounding Fox.

Sean Saves the World - It has a short episode extension and will end in January or February. That scenario almost always means no second season renewal.

Dracula - It had a decent start on Fridays but it quickly fell off the map. With a limited order anyway and Crossbones being given a chance, this one will be done when its first order is completed.

Welcome to the Family/Ironside - Cancelled.


Sleepy Hollow - Already renewed for a 13 episode season next fall.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - If The Mindy Project could get renewed, this one certainly can. The Super Bowl slot is a big sign of faith from FOX.

Junior Masterchef - I think this will be back either in the summer or next fall on Fridays again.

Almost Human - FOX has had more luck with its dramas than comedies lately. Right now it's doing OK but if it continues to fall well below what Bones was getting on Mondays, it'll be gone.

Dads - The fact that it got a full season is a surprise and a win for that show. Anything beyond that is unlikely.

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