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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


7:00 America's Funniest Home Videos
Viewers: 6.6 million, 18-49 demo: 1.6
8:00 Once Upon a Time
Viewers: 8.8 million, 18-49 demo: 3.1
9:00 Revenge
Viewers: 6.9 million, 18-49 demo: 2.2
10:00 666 Park Avenue
Viewers: 3.9 million, 18-49 demo: 1.2

7:00 60 Minutes
Viewers: 11.1 million, 18-49 demo: 1.6
8:00 The Amazing Race
Viewers: 9.6 million, 18-49 demo: 2.5
9:00 The Good Wife
Viewers: 9.5 million, 18-49 demo: 1.6
10:00 The Mentalist
Viewers: 10.2 million, 18-49 demo: 1.8

7:00 Football Night in America
Viewers: 4.0 million, 18-49 demo: 1.3
8:00 NFL Pregame
Viewers: 12.8 million, 18-49 demo: 4.3
8:30 Sunday Night Football
Viewers: 20.9 million, 18-49 demo: 7.6

7:00 NFL Overrun/The OT
Viewers: 24.9 million, 18-49 demo: 8.5
8:00 The Simpsons
Viewers: 7.5 million, 18-49 demo: 3.3
8:30 Bob's Burgers
Viewers: 4.7 million, 18-49 demo: 2.0
9:00 Family Guy
Viewers: 5.8 million, 18-49 demo: 2.9
9:30 The Cleveland Show
Viewers: 4.3 million, 18-49 demo: 2.0 

Sunday night brought some return to normalcy after the Thanksgiving holiday. On ABC, America's Funniest Home Videos was down half a million viewers and even in the demo. Once Upon a Time recovered nicely from its odd drop in its last airing as it was even in viewers but up four tenths in the demo. Bad news came at 9pm though where Revenge was down eight tenths in viewers and three tenths in the demo for a season low despite the lead in being up nicely. This is a rough drop for the show and sort of defies explanation just like Once two weeks ago. At 10pm, the cancelled 666 Park Avenue was even in viewers and the demo.

CBS didn't have a football overrun so numbers were close to two weeks ago. At 7pm, 60 Minutes was of course down big from its football-fueled lead-in last week. At 8pm, The Amazing Race was even in viewers and up a tenth in the demo. At 9pm, The Good Wife was down four tenths in viewers and a tenth in the demo for a season low. This show seems to be getting on shakier and shakier ground despite the critical acclaim. At 10pm, The Mentalist was up a big 2.1 million viewers and four tenths in the demo from last week when it started at 10:53pm.

On NBC, a Giants blowout win was up seven tenths in the demo from last week's Steelers-Ravens game. On FOX, an NFL lead-in boosted the animated lineup as The Simpsons was up a big 2.4 million viewers and nine tenths in the demo, Bob's Burgers was up eight tenths in viewers and two tenths in the demo, and Family Guy was up seven tenths in viewers and three tenths in the demo. However, a special airing of The Cleveland Show at 9:30pm disappointed and was down from last week's American Dad! despite a better lead-in.

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