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Thursday, April 6, 2017

QUICK HITS: The Most Promising Pilots

Here is my look at the comedy and drama pilots I'm most interested in for next season!
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Rise (NBC) - Easily the show I am most looking forward to next season. Set around a high school theater program and from the person who gave us Friday Night Lights and Parenthood? Count me all in on this one. It's hard to envision a scenario other than this being paired with This is Us on the fall schedule.

Deception (ABC) - I'm very interested in a magic procedural perhaps because of how much I enjoy the Now You See Me movies. This seems like a great fit for ABC and a lighthearted procedural in the Castle vein.

The Gospel of Kevin (ABC) - I like Jason Ritter in anything I've seen him in and he deserves a success. I think this concept sounds promising and I trust Ritter to make it strong.

Searchers (CW) - This is the only CW pilot that looks promising to me but I like the idea of a globe-setting adventure story uncovering the world's secrets based on clues. Sounds a little like National Treasure, which is a guilty pleasure for me.

Untitled University Drama (FOX) - This sounds a little bit like season two of American Crime, but it has a great cast. It could either be a well-written prestigious drama or one that tries to be. I hope its the former.

Untitled Jenny Lumet (CBS) - It's a CBS procedural so I'm skeptical but the idea of a team investigating hate crimes seems like it could be something slightly different and a show with something important to say.

Black's Law (ABC) - This sounds interesting to me and I trust Shondaland because I like most of her shows at least at first. I'm sure I might tire of it eventually but she has earned the right for me to be optimistic.

Others that sound interesting: Good Girls (NBC), Untitled Marc Cherry (ABC), The Get (CBS), Doomsday (ABC)


Libby & Malcolm (ABC) - This sounds very entertaining and it has been such a hot title through development, it must be very good. Couple that with Felicity Huffman and Courtney B. Vance in the lead roles and the Black-ish creator behind the camera, this has quality written all over it.

Household Name (ABC) - Carol Burnett is possibly coming back to TV! This sounds like a quirky and funny comedy and I think Burnett still has the chops even in her 80s. I'm hopeful about this one.

Me, Myself, and I (CBS) - Bobby Moynihan has signed on to this show which makes an interesting concept even more appealing to me. It sounds a bit like a comedic This is Us, showcasing a man's life at 14 in 1991, at 40 in 2017, and at 65 in 2042.

Ghosted (FOX) - This sounds just crazy enough to work and it sounds like it could be a perfect fit with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. With single cam alums Craig Robinson and Adam Scott in the lead, I have hope this will be pretty funny.

9J, 9K, & 9L (CBS) - This sounds like a new Everybody Loves Raymond and it has a great cast including David Walton, Linda Lavin, and Elliot Gould among others.

Linda from HR (FOX) - Lauren Graham is enough to get me interested in this one and the premise sounds like a great part for the always frazzled Graham.

Others that sound interesting: Untitled City Mayor Project (ABC), Charlie Foxtrot (CBS), Untitled Goldbergs Spinoff (ABC)

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