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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PILOT REVIEW: Buried Treasure


Starring Leigh and Leslie Keno

The final new summer show to premiere in a long, boring summer for network TV is FOX's Buried Treasure. I'll be honest that I was only half watching this show as I am so tired of reviewing unscripted summer fare (in fact, I may not even review summer shows next summer). Don't worry, I will have much better and detailed fall reviews! Anyway, on to the review. This show is a network attempt to capitalize on the antique pawn shop shows that are popular on cable, particularly the History Channel.

It is harmless enough and somewhat interesting. The Keno brothers go around to houses where people feel they might have something of value. Of course they have a story to tell ala any inspirational reality show and then by the end, they find out if any of their items are worth something. The reveal of course cues the tears or the disappointment that comes with finding out if they will strike it rich. It is what is is... a harmless summer reality show. Let's get on with it and bring on the fall shows! September 14 can't come soon enough.

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