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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

SEASON IN REVIEW: 2017-18 Miscellaneous Awards

As usual, I am ending the season with a few miscellaneous awards. The blog will be quiet this summer but I will continue to do the week ahead posts with broadcast TV news as it happens this summer. Then I'll be back for previews, pilot reviews, and more in the fall!

Superstore (NBC) - Superstore was awarded my "Best Returning Comedy" last year, but it only got better in season three. The funniest ensemble on TV took another step forward with some truly hilarious moments (the season premiere, the Golden Globes party, and the Christmas episode to name a few) and some major plot points moving forward. It also has the potential to be surprisingly sentimental at times. I think back to the first year of the show and how I felt like it had so many funny elements but didn't always bring it completely together. Well now it does on a weekly basis and it is one of those shows that just seems to be in the sweet spot of what will hopefully be a long run.

RUNNER-UP: American Housewife (ABC)

This is Us (NBC) - This is Us had a lot to live up to after its buzzy first season and in my opinion, it completely lived up to it. The show moved forward with deepening relationships among the characters and we got to see some interesting new eras such as the Big Three in their 20s and even a glimpse into the future. But the season came to a head with its hugely anticipated reveal of Jack's death and the show handled it with grace both in the post-Super Bowl episode and the equally heartbreaking episode that followed, "The Car." We may have seen some major milestones but I'm still excited to see all eras of the Pearsons in season three. And again, SOMEBODY GIVE MANDY MOORE AN EMMY.

RUNNER-UP: Timeless (NBC)

American Crime Story (FX) - I almost gave this award to Designated Survivor, but that show was already wildly uneven in season one before falling off a cliff. So I'm going with American Crime Story, which followed up its brilliant OJ Simpson in 2015-16 with a new installment that wanted to be as important and just couldn't be. The Assassination of Gianni Versace started strong with a fascinating opening that captured the mood and setting of 1997 Miami. But it went downhill from there with not nearly compelling enough a story to stretch out over a whole season. It would have been better as a movie.

Rise (NBC) - Rise had everything going for it in my book. It was from the creator of two of the best dramas of all time (Friday Night Lights and Parenthood), it was centered on a high school musical theatre program - a topic I love, and it was based on an extremely compelling book. But this drama just couldn't figure it out and could barely avoid being Smash 2.0 as far as a theatre show that just doesn't know what to do with itself. With careening storylines and a very mopey performance from Josh Radnor, the show couldn't figure itself out and didn't earn any of the sweet moments it wanted to create (moments that came so naturally in early Katims shows). This totally seemed like a Katims show and a perfect fit. I just hope he hasn't lost his touch for good.

The Amazing Race
Bob's Burgers
Chicago Med
Hell's Kitchen
The Originals

Tied low in demo: The 100, The Blacklist, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Code Black, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Fresh Off the Boat, The Good Place, iZombie, Jane the Virgin, Riverdale, Quantico

The 100
The Amazing Race
The Bachelor
The Big Bang Theory
The Blacklist
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Chicago Fire
Code Black
The Goldbergs
The Great American Baking Show
The Great Christmas Light Fight
Hell's Kitchen

Tied low in viewers: Bob's Burgers, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, iZombie, Masterchef Junior, The Originals, Quantico, The Simpsons

ABC: Single Parents
CBS: God Friended Me
NBC: Manifest
FOX: Presumed Innocent (I guess...)
CW: All American

Finally, One Last Thought on Some Departing Shows:
- It is weird to imagine 2018-19 without The Middle, Scandal, New Girl, and Once Upon a Time. Practically since I started this blog, these shows have been standards (The Middle even before the blog started). I didn't stick with Once but I did stick with the other three and while Scandal and New Girl had their flaws, those two along with The Middle have all had times where they were very important or favorite shows in my life. And it's also sad to say goodbye to three iconic characters: Scandal's groundbreaking Olivia Pope, New Girl's ridiculous weirdo Winston, and The Middle's sunny optimist Sue Heck. A TV season without these cornerstones just won't feel the same.

WEEKLY RECAP: May 14-20, 2018

Here is the weekly ratings recap looking back at the week in ratings for Week #33. Please note no repeats, sports, specials, or Saturday airings are counted

TOP 20 SHOWS (18-49 DEMO)
1. Roseanne (ABC, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 2.6    7th week
2. Grey's Anatomy (ABC, Thursday 8:00pm) - 1.9    23rd week
3. The Voice (NBC, Monday 8:00pm) - 1.6    24th week
    Empire (FOX, Wednesday 8:00pm) - 1.6    17th week
5. The Middle (ABC, Tuesday 8:30pm) - 1.5    22nd week
    Survivor (CBS, Wednesday 8:00pm) - 1.5    24th week
7. The Voice (NBC, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 1.4    23rd week
8. NCIS (CBS, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 1.3    23rd week
    Modern Family (ABC, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 1.3    22nd week
    Star (FOX, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 1.3    17th week
    American Idol (FOX, Sunday 8:00pm) - 1.3    11th week
12. Black-ish (ABC, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 1.2    11th week
    The Goldbergs (ABC, Wednesday 8:00pm) - 1.2    22nd week
14. American Housewife (ABC, Wednesday 9:30pm) - 1.1    16th week
15. Dancing with the Stars (ABC, Monday 8:00pm) - 1.0    10th week
    Man with a Plan (CBS, Monday 8:30pm) - 1.0    6th week
    Splitting Up Together (ABC, Tuesday 9:30pm) - 1.0    5th week
    Chicago Med (NBC, Tuesday 10:00pm) - 1.0    16th week
    Law & Order: SVU (NBC, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 1.0    16th week
    Station 19 (ABC, Thursday 9:00pm) - 1.0    5th week
    Life in Pieces (CBS, Thursday 9:00pm) - 1.0    Special Airing

1. Life Sentence (CW, Friday 9:00pm) - 0.1    9th week
2. iZombie (CW, Monday 9:00pm) - 0.3    11th week
    The Originals (CW, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 0.3    5th week
4. The 100 (CW, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 0.4    4th week
    Riverdale (CW, Wednesday 8:00pm) - 0.4    22nd week
    Arrow (CW, Thursday 9:00pm) - 0.4    22nd week
    20/20 (ABC, Friday 10:00pm) - 0.4    30th week
8. The Crossing (ABC, Monday 10:00pm) - 0.5    3rd week
    Supergirl (CW, Monday 8:00pm) - 0.5    18th week
    For the People (ABC, Tuesday 10:00pm) - 0.5    5th week
    Supernatural (CW, Thursday 8:00pm) - 0.5    22nd week
    Once Upon a Time (ABC, Friday 8:00pm) - 0.5    21st week
    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC, Friday 9:00pm) - 0.5    20th week
    Blindspot (NBC, Friday 8:00pm) - 0.5    21st week
15. Elementary (CBS, Monday 10:00pm) - 0.6    1st week
    New Girl (FOX, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 0.6    6th week
    Designated Survivor (ABC, Wednesday 10:00pm) - 0.6    16th week
    What Would You Do? (ABC, Thursday 10:00pm) - 0.6    1st week (New Season)
    Gotham (FOX, Thursday 8:00pm) - 0.6    9th week
    Showtime at the Apollo (FOX, Thursday 9:00pm) - 0.6    9th week
    Undercover Boss (CBS, Friday 8:00pm) - 0.6    1st week
    Deception (ABC, Sunday 10:00pm) - 0.6    4th week
    Madam Secretary (CBS, Sunday 10:00pm) - 0.6    21st week
    Dateline NBC (NBC, Sunday 7:00pm) - 0.6    4th week

1. NCIS (CBS, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 12.7 million    23rd week
2. Roseanne (ABC, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 10.7 million    7th week
3. NCIS: New Orleans (CBS, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 9.4 million    23rd week
4. The Voice (NBC, Monday 8:00pm) - 8.7 million    24th week
5. 60 Minutes (CBS, Sunday 7:00pm) - 8.4 million    28th week
6. The Voice (NBC, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 8.2 million    23rd week
7. NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, Sunday 8:00pm) - 7.8 million    22nd week
8. Dancing with the Stars (ABC, Monday 8:00pm) - 7.7 million    12th week
9. Grey's Anatomy (ABC, Thursday 8:00pm) - 7.6 million    23rd week
10. Survivor (CBS, Wednesday 8:00pm) - 7.5 million    24th week
    American Idol (ABC, Sunday 8:00pm) - 7.5 million    11th week
12. Hawaii Five-0 (CBS, Friday 9:00pm) - 6.6 million    24th week
13. The Middle (ABC, Tuesday 8:30pm) - 6.3 million    7th week
14. Madam Secretary (CBS, Sunday 10:00pm) - 6.2 million    8th week
15. SEAL Team (CBS, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 6.1 million    15th week
16. Code Black (CBS, Wednesday 10:00pm) - 6.0 million    1st week
      S.W.A.T. (CBS, Thursday 10:00pm) - 6.0 million    7th week
18. Chicago Med (NBC, Tuesday 10:00pm) - 5.6 million    15th week
      Life in Pieces (CBS, Thursday 9:00pm) - 5.6 million    Special Airing
20. Man with a Plan (CBS, Monday 8:30pm) - 5.5 million    8th week

1. Life Sentence (CW, Friday 9:00pm) - 0.5 million    9th week
2. iZombie (CW, Monday 9:00pm) - 0.7 million    11th week
3. The Originals (CW, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 0.8 million    5th week
4. The 100 (CW, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 1.1 million    4th week
5. Riverdale (CW, Wednesday 8:00pm) - 1.3 million    22nd week
    Arrow (CW, Thursday 9:00pm) - 1.3 million    22nd week
7. Supergirl (CW, Monday 8:00pm) - 1.5 million    18th week
   New Girl (FOX, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 1.5 million    6th week
9. Supernatural (CW, Thursday 8:00pm) - 1.6 million    23rd week
    Bob's Burgers (FOX, Sunday 7:30pm) - 1.6 million    14th week
    Bob's Burgers (FOX, Sunday 9:30pm) - 1.6 million    Special Airing
12. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX, Sunday 8:30pm) - 1.8 million    20th week
      Family Guy (FOX, Sunday 9:00pm) - 1.8 million    17th week
14. For the People (ABC, Tuesday 10:00pm) - 1.9 million    4th week
    The Flash (CW, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 1.9 million    22nd week
    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC, Friday 9:00pm) - 1.9 million    20th week
17. The Simpsons (FOX, Sunday 8:00pm) - 2.1 million    8th week
18. Gotham (FOX, Thursday 8:00pm) - 2.2 million    15th week
19. Once Upon a Time (ABC, Friday 8:00pm) - 2.3 million    19th week
20. What Would You Do? (ABC, Thursday 10:00pm) - 2.6 million    1st week (New Season)
      Showtime at the Apollo (FOX, Thursday 9:00pm) - 2.6 million    5th week

Monday - Man with a Plan (CBS)    1st week
Tuesday - Roseanne (ABC)    3rd week
Wednesday - Code Black (CBS)    1st week
Thursday - Grey's Anatomy (ABC)    4th week
Friday - Dateline NBC (NBC)    1st week
Sunday - None

Monday - The Crossing (ABC)    3rd week
Tuesday - For the People (ABC)    3rd week
Wednesday - Law & Order: SVU (NBC)    1st week
Thursday - Gotham (FOX)    4th week
Friday - Once Upon a Time (ABC)    4th week
Sunday - Family Guy (FOX)    1st week

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

SPECIAL COMMENTARY: An Appreciation of The Middle

The Middle ends tonight after nine seasons and 215 episodes.

This unassuming comedy premiered just one week after the heralded debut of Modern Family and as part of ABC's heavily hyped entirely new comedy block that also included Cougar Town and the quickly cancelled Kelsey Grammar comedy Hank. All eyes were on Modern Family at first and for many years with its five straight Emmy wins (at least two of those were very deserving) and huge popularity. But I firmly believe it is The Middle that had the better run. While Family's best days are years ago and it is a shell of what it was once, The Middle has continued in quality with remarkable consistency since day one and its ratings reflect that. It never reached the highs of a show like Modern Family but also didn't suffer a huge erosion of audience over the years comparatively.

What is the reason for that? First of all, the show managed what very few family sitcoms in history have been able to do. The kids actually aged well. Axl, Sue, and Brick are just as enjoyable as they were in season one it not moreso. That feat is something that even classics like Leave it to Beaver, The Andy Griffith Show, The Cosby Show, and The Brady Bunch struggled to do. It is a testament to the writing and the performances of Charlie McDermott, Eden Sher, and Atticus Shaffer. They grew up in a way that real families do: the relationships evolved, but the personalities didn't dramatically change. Axl may have gone from barely out of middle school to out of college, but he's still cocky, still sarcastic, and still a softie deep down. Brick is the same lovable weirdo as a high schooler as he was as in elementary school. And Sue, perhaps the show's MVP, has always been a sunny optimist who sees the best in everything even when almost anyone else wouldn't. The kids have been through relationships, school troubles, triumphs, and failures, but they have always remained true to their well defined characters.

The kids are just part of the equation though. As parents Frankie and Mike, Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn brought their sitcom expertise to a new level. Patricia Heaton played frazzled well on Everybody Loves Raymond, but she brought it to a new level as Frankie Heck, a mom who always had the best intentions but frequently didn't know how to reach her goals. She was funny and provided a great narration throughout the entire series (I don't always like that used in a sitcom, but it worked great here). As dad Mike Heck, Neil Flynn offered some of the show's sweetest moments because he was so often buttoned up and unwilling or unable to show much emotion. But when he did, it really packed a punch. The relationship between Mike and Frankie was very authentic and felt natural.

Perhaps that's one of the greatest strengths of the show as a whole: everything felt so real. Even with Brick's eccentricities or some supporting characters (Brad, Edie & Ginny, Reverend Tim Tom, Rita Glossner, Weird Ashley, the think alike cheerleaders Courtney and Debbie to name a few) that seemed straight out of a modern day Mayberry, the show amazingly never lost its authenticity. There has been a lot of talk about how shows like Roseanne and Last Man Standing are appealing to middle America but The Middle is really a love letter to the midwest, to small towns everywhere, and to the middle class. I don't know that I could name 10 singular episodes off the top of my head right now because it just felt like we were watching life and not plots. That was the beauty of The Middle. Maybe it never soared as high as certain shows, but it certainly didn't sink as low as some of those same shows. It just sweetly plugged along for nine seasons always sure of itself and always entertaining. It's rather fitting that a show called The Middle was one of my favorite middle of the road comfort shows since 2009. And it sure is sad to see The Middle reach the end. As tonight's episode implies, it's been one Heck of a ride.

SEASON IN REVIEW: 2017-18 New Dramas

Here is my recap of this year's new dramas! Check back later for a tribute to The Middle and check back tomorrow for my final post of the 2017-18 season with some other awards!

9-1-1 (FOX) - Since this was a Ryan Murphy show, I was pretty skeptical of 9-1-1 despite the stellar cast. Aside from The People vs. OJ Simpson, I typically find Murphy's stuff over the top. Well, 9-1-1 was over the top but in the best way possible. It was a procedural drama but with the Murphy flairs and it shockingly worked extremely well. The superstar cast helped things a great deal but the cases, based on true stories, were gripping even if they were incredibly creepy or disturbing at times. The home lives of the characters were interesting too without getting too sappy or soapy. This was a show I found myself really excited to watch every week.

RUNNER-UP: Deception (ABC) - I don't think Deception was a great show by any means, but I really loved it and I was sad to see it cancelled. Maybe it's a guilty pleasure because I like magic and I like crime solving shows. So I was the target audience. Clearly there's not enough people like me out there.

Worth Mentioning: The Good Doctor (ABC)/Rise (NBC)

Freddie Highmore, The Good Doctor (ABC) - The Good Doctor would be just another medical show on TV if it wasn't for Freddie Highmore. As Dr. Shaun Murphy, a brilliant doctor on the autism spectrum, Highmore gives a fascinating performance. Coming from someone who has worked with children on the spectrum, he really had the mannerisms, inflections, and anxieties down. The show became so much more than a procedural medical drama because it had this fascinating character to center things around. Also, coming off of Norman Bates, it was nice to see Highmore playing a better person.

RUNNER-UP: Jack Cutmore-Scott, Deception (ABC) - Playing both famed magician Cameron Black and his twin brother, Jonathan, Jack Cutmore-Scott was very entertaining with the right mix of arrogance and humor. Though I liked his Cameron portrayal more than Jonathan, both were entertaining and I'm once again lamenting the quick demise of Deception.

Worth Mentioning: Peter Krause, 9-1-1 (ABC)/Alan Cumming, Instinct (CBS)

Angela Bassett, 9-1-1 (FOX) - In only her second network TV show, Angela Bassett brought a level of gravitas to the drama. As LAPD Patrol Sergeant Athena Grant, Bassett was at times hilariously sarcastic and at other times very vulnerable. Whether dealing with a crazed criminal or dealing with the grief over her husband coming out of the closet and her marriage dissolving, Bassett was believable in everything. Even with a stellar cast across the board, I found myself almost always enjoying Bassett's storylines the most.

RUNNER-UP: Retta, Good Girls (NBC) - I didn't love Good Girls, but the trio of actresses at the center of it kept me watching season one. It was a close call, but my favorite of the three was Retta, who delivered the most comedy in a show that was tonally uneven at times.

Worth Mentioning: Christina Hendricks, Good Girls (NBC)/Lucy Hale, Life Sentence (CW)

Oliver Stark, 9-1-1 (FOX) - Everything about Oliver Stark's character "Buck" in 9-1-1 should be something I hate. As an overgrown man-child, he seems like a character that audiences would love to hate. But due to Stark's performance and probably the writing as well, he came across as a much more layered character than he would be in other similar dramas. In particular, his relationship with Connie Britton's Abby Clark was surprisingly touching. Stark took a type and turned him into a full fledged character.

RUNNER-UP: Joe Tippett, Rise (NBC) - As football coach Sam Strickland, Joe Tippett was supposed to be somewhat of an antagonist in Rise. But Tippett gave a great performance that he actually seemed more endearing at times than the mopey Josh Radnor in the lead role. Not that I would ever advocate for sports to take precedence over drama!

Worth Mentioning: Richard Schiff, The Good Doctor (ABC)/Kenneth Choi, 9-1-1 (FOX)

Rosie Perez, Rise (NBC) - Rise was a very flawed show in many ways, but the absolute best part of it (besides the source material) was Rosie Perez as assistant director Tracey Wolfe. The perfect foil for Josh Radnor's Lou Mazzuchelli, Perez was by far more endearing. Even though she was supposed to sometimes be in the wrong, I was pretty much almost rooting for her. That might be partly the fault of the other performances and writing, but it's also a testament to the very natural and strong performance from Perez.

RUNNER-UP: Connie Britton, 9-1-1 (FOX) - Joining the drama for only one year in a somewhat isolated role, I am always happy to see Connie Britton on my TV and this was no exception. With a strong performance as both 9-1-1 operator Abby Clark and a grieving daughter with an ailing mother, Britton brought her usual flair and strength.

Worth Mentioning: Britt Robertson, For the People (ABC)/Aisha Hinds, 9-1-1 (FOX)

Marvel's Inhumans (ABC) - Even if it was brilliant, this was never going to be a show for me. I'm not a Marvel fan or a fan of shows like this. But that being said, most Marvel fans didn't even like this one. It was laughably bad as far as CGI graphics, the acting was one dimensional, and the writing was confusing and silly. I couldn't even make it through the two hour premiere, I had to give up after one hour and I never looked back. It's clear from how ABC scheduled this show that they had a dud on their hands. I doubt it will, but if it means less Marvel shows on TV, I'm totally fine with that.

RUNNER-UP: The Orville (FOX) - Seth MacFarlane's vanity project struggled with its tone in the series premiere. Was it a spoof or a serious sci-fi show? I never gave it another chance and even if it was better, it was never going to be a show I was interested in.

Worth Mentioning: The Brave (NBC)/Dynasty (CW)

Monday, May 21, 2018

SEASON IN REVIEW: 2017-18 New Comedies

For the final three days of the season, I will be looking back at the season that was. Today will be a look at the freshmen comedies, tomorrow ill be the freshmen dramas, and Wednesday will have some miscellaneous awards! Also, tomorrow I will have a special post about the finale of The Middle. Enjoy!

Past New Comedies posts: 2016-17   2015-16   2014-15   2013-14   2012-13   2011-12   2010-11

Young Sheldon (CBS) - I am not a fan of The Big Bang Theory and on the few occasions I have watched it, Sheldon Cooper has annoyed me more than amused me. But Young Sheldon is an entirely different story. With a very "ABC family comedy" feel, it was funny and also heartwarming. Young Sheldon Cooper was funny but the entire family made this show what it is (more on them below). It's a testament to the creators of the show that a non-Big Bang fan is interested in watching a prequel every single week. But it hasn't made me anymore interested in Big Bang.

RUNNER-UP: LA to Vegas (FOX) - This ensemble airline comedy was uneven in its first year but there were times, particularly towards the end of the season, where I felt like it could be come another great workplace comedy in the vein of Superstore. We'll see if it gets the chance as its fate is still undecided.

Worth Mentioning: Alex, Inc. (ABC)/Me, Myself, & I (CBS)

Dylan McDermott, LA to Vegas (FOX) - Dylan McDermott went against type in a big way as Captain Dave Pratman on LA to Vegas. The mess of a captain was supremely confident yet also kind of pathetic but it was played in such a hilarious way by McDermott who seemed to relish getting to play such a broad character after years of being a dramatic actor. The show also did a good job of showing a slightly more vulnerable side of Captain Dave at times to make him a little more human. Bonus points for playing on an internet joke and bringing on Dermot Mulroney as Captain Dave's rival!

RUNNER-UP: Zach Braff, Alex Inc. (ABC) - Alex, Inc. was a wildly uneven show and it won't get a chance to figure it out, but I really liked Zach Braff in the lead role. I didn't think the workplace stuff worked great but the home life and Braff's chemistry with Tiya Sircar was really promising.

Worth Mentioning: Iain Armitage, Young Sheldon (CBS)/Bobby Moynihan, Me, Myself, & I (CBS)

Yara Shahidi, Grown-ish (Freeform) - The Black-ish spinoff Grown-ish never made it to ABC, but I gave it a chance on Freeform and while it was a little too young for me, I was quite impressed with Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson. She never stood out much to me on Black-ish but when given her own chance to shine, she didn't disappoint. She portrayed a college freshmen going through the ups and downs of a first year in a very believable way. At times she was sure of herself, at other times she was conflicted about everything in her life. Shahidi's performance and strong voice in narration helped elevate the show to being better than it should have been.

RUNNER-UP: Zoe Perry, Young Sheldon (CBS) - As Sheldon Cooper's mom, Mary, Zoe Perry was the heart of Young Sheldon. She had a lot of personalities to manage in the family, but her relationship with Sheldon as his constant defender was the sweetest.

Worth Mentioning: Tiya Sircar, Alex, Inc. (ABC)/Kim Matula, LA to Vegas (FOX)

Lance Barber, Young Sheldon (CBS) - This is not the strongest category but Lance Barber playing Sheldon Cooper's dad, George Sr., is the most deserving. I thought Barber did a great job playing the role of the old school father trying to deal with his brilliant and quirky son. I just found myself wishing that the show did more to build up the relationship between Sheldon and his dad especially because we know thanks to The Big Bang Theory that this character dies at some point in the future. Barber is more than up to the job of taking on a bigger role in season two.

RUNNER-UP: Nathan Lee Graham, LA to Vegas (FOX) - As the flamboyant flight attendant Bernard Jasser, Nathan Lee Graham got off a couple funny one-liners and snappy comebacks. He also had a nice relationship and chemistry with his buddy and fellow flight attendant, Ronnie (Kim Matula).

Worth Mentioning: Christopher Paul Richards, Me, Myself, & I (CBS)/Montana Jordan, Young Sheldon (CBS)

Raegan Revord, Young Sheldon (CBS) - This is a the third year in a row I have awarded the Supporting Actress Comedy award to a firecracker young girl but Raegan Revord is just as deserving as recent winners Julia Butters and Giselle Eisenberg. As Sheldon Cooper's sister, Missy, Revord was hilarious but also not given enough to do in my opinion. She is everything that Sheldon isn't and I would love to see her biting sarcasm and funny delivery be used on a far more consistent basis in season two. I want to see this show become every more of an ensemble comedy.

RUNNER-UP: Olivia Macklin, LA to Vegas (FOX) - As stripper Nichole, Olivia Macklin had some great moments in LA to Vegas. Often a ditzy stripper, one of her funniest episodes was when her straight laced mom came to visit and she had to hide her true identity.

Worth Mentioning: Ally Walker, Ghosted (FOX)/Kelen Coleman, Me, Myself, & I (CBS)

9JKL (CBS) - Horribly unfunny in every way, 9JKL had an Everybody Loves Raymond-like premise but it was nothing like that classic show when it came to quality. With a terrible misuse of Linda Lavin, Elliot Gould, and David Walton, I watched one episode of 9JKL and part of another but that was about all I could stomach. I have lamented many times how too many new multi-camera sitcoms make that particular method seem dated and that's unfortunate. Some of the best written sitcoms in television history were multi-camera with a live audience. Every 9JKL that comes along sets the style back even further.

RUNNER-UP: Living Biblically (CBS) - The show that replaced 9JKL on Monday nights on CBS was almost as bad. With an outlandish concept of a man trying to live literally according to the Bible, it was only not named the worst by virtue of just slightly more believable performances.

Worth Mentioning: Champions (NBC)/A.P. Bio (NBC)

Sunday, May 20, 2018

THE WEEK AHEAD: May 21-27, 2018

Here is a look at Week #35! The final week of the 2017-18 season. It ends on Wednesday and the summer season officially begins on Thursday.

ABC has finales of Monday and Tuesday with a pair of reality finales - the abbreviated season of Dancing with the Stars and the end of season 1 of the ABC era of American Idol. Tuesday brings the season finale of the smash return of Roseanne followed by the series finale of ABC tentpole The Middle. I will have more thoughts on The Middle on Tuesday. Later in the night are the season finales of Splitting Up Together and For the People. The rest of the week is in summer mode with burnoffs of Quantico, now banished to Fridays, and the two hour series finale of the cancelled Deception on Sunday.

8:00 Dancing with the Stars (26th Edition Finale)
9:00 American Idol (Season Finale)

8:00 Roseanne (Season Finale)
8:30 The Middle (SERIES FINALE)
9:30 Splitting Up Together (Season Finale)
10:00 For the People (Season Finale)

8:00 Movie: Toy Story 3
10:00 20/20: Lights, Camera, Summer! (Special)

8:00 The Last Days of Michael Jackson (Special)
10:00 What Would You Do?

8:00 Quantico
9:00 Shark Tank (Repeat)
10:00 20/20

8:00 American Idol (Repeat)
10:00 20/20

7:00 America's Funniest Home Videos (Repeat)
8:00 America's Funniest Home Videos (Repeat)
9:00 Deception (SERIES FINALE)

Most of the CBS shows have already ended their season, but a few have finales this week: Man with a Plan (the only surviving Monday show), NCIS, and the usual end of the season Survivor finale. The rest of the week is mostly repeats and their summer shows.

8:00 The Big Bang Theory (Repeat)
8:30 Man with a Plan (Season Finale)
9:00 The Big Bang Theory (Repeat)
9:30 Mom (Repeat)
10:00 Elementary

8:00 NCIS (Season Finale)
9:00 Bull (Repeat)
10:00 NCIS: New Orleans (Repeat)

8:00 Survivor (36th Edition Finale)
10:00 Survivor Live Reunion Show (Special)

8:00 The Big Bang Theory (Repeat)
8:30 Young Sheldon (Repeat)
9:00 Mom (Repeat)
9:30 Life in Pieces (Repeat)
10:00 S.W.A.T. (Repeat)

8:00 Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition
9:00 Hawaii Five-0 (Repeat)
10:00 Blue Bloods (Repeat)

8:00 Ransom
9:00 TBA
10:00 48 Hours

7:00 60 Minutes
8:00 Instinct
9:00 NCIS: Los Angeles (Repeat)
10:00 Madam Secretary (Repeat)

This week has finales for The Voice and Law & Order: SVU to end the season. The rest of the week has some specials and burnoffs, including the final two episodes of the season for Champions. Despite looking in full burnoff mode and terrible ratings all season, it actually hasn't had its fate decided yet.

8:00 The Voice
10:00 Running Wild with Bear Grylls

8:00 The Voice Recap Special
9:00 The Voice (14th Edition Finale)

8:00 Law & Order: SVU (Repeat)
9:00 Law & Order: SVU (Season Finale)

8:00 American Ninja Warrior for Red Nose Day (Special)
9:00 Hollywood Game Night Red Nose Day Special (Special)
10:00 Red Nose Day (Special)

8:00 Champions
8:30 Champions (Season Finale)
9:00 Dateline NBC

8:00 Taken
9:00 Dateline NBC

7:00 Dateline NBC
8:00 American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. the World (Special)

FOX has already ended its season for Mondays and Tuesdays but they are weirdly back in session for one night only on Wednesdays with the season finales of Empire and Star. That could be a little rocky for the two dramas that have had a strong spring,

8:00 2018 Miss USA (Special)

8:00 Movie: Hancock

8:00 Empire (Season Finale)
9:00 Star (Season Finale)

8:00 Terrence Howard's Fight Club (Special)
9:00 Showtime at the Apollo (Season Finale)

8:00 Phenoms Part 1 (Special)
9:00 Phenoms Part 2 (Special)

8:00 MLB Baseball

7:00 NASCAR Racing

The CW is fully new on Monday and Tuesday with only one season finale (The Flash) because the other shows will air into summer to varying degrees.

8:00 Supergirl
9:00 iZombie

8:00 The Flash (Season Finale)
9:00 The 100

8:00 Supergirl (Repeat)
9:00 The Originals (Repeat)

8:00 Supernatural (Repeat)
9:00 Black Lightning (Repeat)

8:00 My Last Days (Season Premiere)
9:00 Life Sentence

Thursday, May 17, 2018

UPFRONTS 2018: The CW's Official Fall Schedule

And here is the CW schedule!

Check back next week for my recap of the 2017-18 season!

Past CW Upfronts: 2017

8:00 DC's Legends of Tomorrow (4th season)
9:00 Arrow (7th season)
The CW is consolidating their superhero shows in the sense that Arrow is coming to Mondays, but they are also adding a superhero show on their new Sunday lineup so maybe it's not much of a difference. On Mondays, DC's Legends of Tomorrow keeps the slot it had for a few months this winter and it was solid there. It is paired with Arrow, which has quietly gone from being the CW's second strongest show to their weakest superhero show. Paired with another superhero show and in a fairly low pressure slot is not a bad situation for the veteran show.

8:00 The Flash (5th season)
9:00 Black Lightning (2nd season)
Tuesdays continues the superhero trend to begin the CW's week. It will keep the successful midseason pairing of The Flash and Black Lightning on Tuesdays. While it is far diminished from its greatest days, The Flash is still the CW's strongest shows and Black Lightning had a steady and solid freshmen run. I don't think they needed to use The Flash as a lead-in, I think this lineup makes perfect sense and the condensed DC shows schedule will certainly help with the crossover.

8:00 Riverdale (3rd season)
Last fall, the CW put Riverdale at 8pm Wednesday and it was looked at as an impending disaster. Then Riverdale caught fire on Netflix over the summer and had a shockingly strong debut last fall in this slot. It waned as the season went on, but is still capable of being one of the CW's anchors. It is paired with the new All American, a football/teen drama. While they both are teen-centric shows, the trailer for All American seems as though the CW is pairing a very earnest drama in All American with the cult hit, trashiness of Riverdale. I guess it still makes the most sense as far as a pairing goes but it seems like All American is going to need some strong reviews to have a chance on a network not known for sentimental dramas.

8:00 Supernatural (14th season)
The CW is keeping the venerable Supernatural in the same slot, which can be a pretty rare occurrence. It has moved Arrow off the night so Supernatural will lead into Legacies, which is set in the Vampire Diaries/Originals universe. It will hold down the fort for those two recently ended but very popular CW show and it does seem like an adequate partner to Supernatural. Speaking of Supernatural, I don't know that it always gets the respect it deserves because it's on the CW, but entering a 14th season is pretty incredible, especially for a genre show.

8:00 Dynasty (2nd season)
9:00 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (4th season)
Friday nights are low priorities for the CW with their parade of 0.1 and 0.2 demo shows. Dynasty got many 0.1 demo results but got renewed nonetheless in the best example yet of the CW's lack of care for linear ratings. It will lead off Friday nights and hope it picks up some viewers on Netflix over the summer. It is followed by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is having its announced final season and will probably giveway at midseason for the final season of Jane the Virgin. Both critically acclaimed shows had decent runs considering their ratings.

8:00 Supergirl (4th season)
The CW is returning to Sunday nights for the first time in over a decade and they are bringing a show back that had a great run on Sundays on the WB in the early 2000s. First up though is Supergirl, which is moving off the only slots its known on both the CW and CBS on Mondays and heading to open up the new night. I would have been more excited about this a couple years ago, but it seems less of a "start a new night" show that it was then. It leads into the reboot of Charmed. It has a new cast but the original one still has many fans and this will probably get some eyeballs, at least early on. The CW really needs this lineup to work to make their Sunday gamble worth it.

MIDSEASON: IN THE DARK, ROSWELL NEW MEXICO, The 100, iZombie, Jane the Virgin
In addition to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin, it will also be the final season for iZombie.

CANCELLED/ENDED: Life Sentence, The Originals, Valor

This is a decent schedule for the CW. I like that they are consolidating the DC shows to the beginning of the week, though I probably would have had the five shows share four timeslots on just Mondays and Tuesdays. I think the three newbies are scheduled pretty well and Friday is going to be what it's going to be. If the CW can get Sundays going and stop the bleeding of some of their veterans, it will be a successful season.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

UPFRONTS 2018: CBS's Official Fall Schedule

Here is the official CBS schedule!

Past CBS Upfronts: 2017   2016   2015   2014   2013   2012   2011

9:00 MAGNUM P.I.

10:00 Bull (3rd season)
CBS was pretty mad about Mondays this season and has overhauled the entire night. Only one show that aired on this night in 2017-18 was even renewed and that show (Man with a Plan) was held for midseason. CBS has cut down its comedy hour to one and will try entirely new comedies with Cedric the Entertainer's The Neighborhood and Damon Wayans Jr.'s Happy Together. CBS is relying on these shows being self starters but that's a tall order for two new sitcoms that, although more diverse, seem like pretty typical CBS sitcoms. The better move is Magnum P.I. at 9pm. I like that CBS is launching a promising drama at 9pm and 10pm and this should be a good self starter even if the comedies fail. It can get a lot of Sunday football promotion. At 10pm is Bull, which has to strike out on its own night after two years behind NCIS. This show didn't quite break out, but held its own against This is Us. It doesn't quite feel like a 10pm show to me though and if it had to move to 10pm, I would have kept it on Tuesdays and moved NCIS: New Orleans here.

8:00 NCIS (16th season)
9:00 F.B.I.
10:00 NCIS: New Orleans (5th season)
CBS is giving another new show the glow of the NCIS lead-in. This time it is the Dick Wolf drama F.B.I. I would guess that it will have a high total viewer count but also skew old, like Bull, especially because it has to air against This is Us. It will be interesting to see how a Dick Wolf show does on CBS. At least on paper, it seems like a perfect match with NBC's procedural king coming to the network that loves procedurals more than anything. Two of the NCIS shows bookend the night again with the mothership entering its 16th season.

8:00 Survivor (37th edition)
9:00 SEAL Team (2nd season)
10:00 Criminal Minds (14th season)
Wednesday nights stay put for CBS. This isn't surprising but it is disappointing. SEAL Team did nothing to show that it deserved the chance to stay at 9pm. It didn't catch on with audiences and I don't think another year in the same situation is going to change things. The beginning and end of the night are also the same with two longtime veterans: the timeless Survivor and the 14th season of Criminal Minds. It is not necessarily the final season, but I wouldn't be surprised to see that end up being the case.

8:00 The Big Bang Theory (12th season)
8:30 Young Sheldon (2nd season)
9:00 Mom (6th season)
10:00 S.W.A.T. (2nd season)
CBS had a very successful year on Thursday nights so they are keeping the status quo for the most part but possibly strengthening themselves at 9:30pm with the revival of Murphy Brown, which has a 13 episode season. I have been down on the Murphy revival because I just don't think people are clamoring for a revival of this show. It hasn't been a syndication smash like Roseanne and, to a lesser extent, Will & Grace. It appears that CBS is hedging its bets with this show too with its slot. It is not being used as an anchor and I think that's smart. If it does surprise, they can use it as an anchor down the road but I think it's smart to protect it and not be embarrassed by a revival potentially failing. Just like Criminal Minds, next year could be the final season for The Big Bang Theory so it makes sense to keep Young Sheldon paired with it for another year. Maybe the most surprising comedy move was that Mom also gets to keep its slot. It had a very strong season and is rewarded by CBS but I'm surprised it wasn't moved to pump up Monday.

8:00 MacGyver (3rd season)
9:00 Hawaii Five-0 (9th season)
10:00 Blue Bloods (9th season)
Once again, CBS keeps the status quo on Fridays. It's a third straight year on Fridays for the entire lineup, the 6th straight year for Hawaii Five-0, and the 9th straight year for Blue Bloods. With other Friday possibilities on the schedule like Bull, an NCIS show, or Magnum P.I., it wouldn't shock me if this was the last year that these three get to stay together on a night especially after some declines this year, even if they were small.

8:00 Crimetime Saturday
10:00 48 Hours (32nd season)

7:00 60 Minutes (51st season)
9:00 NCIS: Los Angeles (10th season)
10:00 Madam Secretary (5th season)
CBS is giving its Sunday post-football, post-60 Minutes slot to another new drama. This has worked at times and not worked at other times. This year, it is God Friended Me, which seems like an ABC show on CBS. It tonally seems very off brand, but if CBS wants to make it work, this is the best slot for it. After all, it is the old Touched by an Angel slot. It seems like CBS is a big believer in this show so they're really giving it a chance. 60 Minutes keeps the 7pm slot it seems destined to have forever, while NCIS: Los Angeles and Madam Secretary keep their slots as well. This is probably good considering Madam Secretary will probably have to start over half an hour late for half of its fall episodes.

MIDSEASON: THE CODE, FAM, THE RED LINE, The Amazing Race, Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, Elementary, Instinct, Life in Pieces, Man with a Plan
CBS has quite a bit on the bench though some are bridge shows like Big Brother: Celebrity Edition and The Amazing Race and others like Elementary will probably be held until very late spring again. Still, they have three new shows to slot so a lot will depend on how the fall newbies do. With decent slots for the newbies, it seems hard to imagine the fall dramas not getting a full season so I wonder what that will mean for The Code and The Red Line.

CANCELLED/ENDED: 9JKL, Living Biblically, Kevin Can Wait, Me Myself and I, Scorpion, Superior Donuts, Wisdom of the Crowd

FATES TBA: Code Black, Ransom

I think this schedule in general gets a shrug from me. I don't think it's great but I also don't think it's terrible. I like their Tuesday lineup (though I would have put Bull at 10pm) and I'm good with Friday staying put. I'm also good with the Thursday lineup even though Mom or Murphy Brown or both could have been used elsewhere. Monday needed a big shakeup but I'm not convinced that CBS's solution is the way to go. I also think God Friended Me is a huge gamble. If it pays off, it could help CBS get a more diverse identity with their dramas. But if it doesn't, it seems like they should have used that slot for F.B.I. or Magnum P.I. CBS is still trying to find the next big hits to replace their many aging veterans. They may have found one this year in Young Sheldon, but the search continues in the drama department.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

UPFRONTS 2018: ABC's Official Fall Schedule

Here is the ABC schedule!

Past ABC Upfronts: 2017   2016   2015   2014   2013   2012   2011

8:00 Dancing with the Stars (27th edition)
10:00 The Good Doctor (2nd season)
In an unsurprising move, ABC is keeping its Monday the same as last fall. After airing one full edition followed by an abbreviated athletes edition this spring, Dancing with the Stars returns with a regular edition in the fall. It is followed by this past fall's breakout hit, The Good Doctor, returning to its Monday night perch. Many advocated for a move to an earlier timeslot, but there wasn't really a good one available for it because it doesn't belong with the TGIT crew. I think it's smart to leave it here. It should continue to hold its own against at least one new show (on NBC) and possibly another (on CBS).

8:00 Roseanne (2nd season)
9:00 Black-ish (5th season)
9:30 Splitting Up Together (2nd season)
Tuesday nights were instantly changed this spring when the Roseanne revival had a breakout debut and remains TV's top rated show of the season. That allowed it to become the new lead-off show for Tuesday nights with The Middle ending, but its second season (11th overall) is currently only 13 episodes and it's not clear what ABC has up their sleeves for midseason. It is followed by new 70s-set family comedy The Kids are Alright. If Roseanne continues to be big, this show will have every opportunity for solid sampling. The Roseanne halo extended to the 9pm hour this spring and that helped Black-ish and the new Splitting Up Together. The pair stays together for the fall with Splitting showing some promise. The Tuesday 10pm slot continues to be ABC's biggest problem and they are trying again with the return of Nathan Fillion to the network in The Rookie. Although it's never easy for any show, this seems like a solid attempt by ABC to fix an extremely troubled timeslot.

8:00 The Goldbergs (6th season)
8:30 American Housewife (3rd season)
9:00 Modern Family (10th season)

Wednesdays has some shakeups and a curious choice by ABC. Rather than launching a new comedy in the better slot: between The Goldbergs and Modern Family, they are sliding American Housewife an hour earlier and then launching the new Single Parents at 9:30pm leading into a new drama, A Million Little Things, at 10pm. Single Parents looks promising and compatible with Modern, but I still think 8:30pm was the slot to launch this in and let Housewife stay at 9:30pm especially with a new drama at 10pm. This could be the final season for Modern Family, but nothing official has been decided. A Million Little Things is going to draw tons of comparisons to This is Us and understandably so. It seems unlikely it will be able to tap into the hit status especially in a slot that wasn't too kind to Nashville or Designated Survivor, but maybe its already buzzy trailer can help it get eyeballs for the premiere.

8:00 Grey's Anatomy (15th season)
9:00 Station 19 (2nd season)
10:00 How to Get Away with Murder (5th season)
ABC is indeed keeping TGIT in tact for another year even with Scandal over and the departure of Shonda Rhimes to Netflix. They will go in with 3/4 of their Shonda shows remaining on the network with surprisingly renewal For the People slated to take over when How to Get Away with Murder's season ends. Grey's Anatomy continues to be a war horse heading into its 15th season while Station 19 has had a hard time breaking through this spring. I wouldn't be surprised to see a "re-launch" of sorts in the fall and surely a crossover with Grey's sooner rather than later. Murder is diminishing quickly, but still has a bigger audience than For the People. I get keeping the crew together one more time but I think it might be time to end TGIT for 2019-2020.

8:00 Fresh Off the Boat (5th season)
8:30 Speechless (3rd season)
9:00 Child Support (2nd season)
10:00 20/20 (37th season)
After a very rough year of genre shows on the night, ABC is going back to a family comedy hour and unscripted on Friday nights. After clearly being the lowest priority on the weeknights, ABC is sending their modestly rated, non-anchor family comedies to be a pair on Friday nights. It will be interesting to see how Fresh Off the Boat and Speechless do here because they've never been proven to be self starters. However, I can't imagine them doing as poorly as Once Upon a Time did this season. Child Support goes to 9pm after an OK run this winter while 20/20 continues in its longtime 10pm slot.

8:00 Saturday Night College Football

7:00 America's Funniest Home Videos (29th season)

9:00 Shark Tank (10th season)
With Sundays continuing as a placeholder for spring's American Idol, ABC will go all unscripted on the night with no regular drama series since the days of Wonderful World of Disney and a Sunday night movie back in the late 1990s. Following staple America's Funniest Home Videos will be a special kids edition of Dancing with the Stars. I am not sure this is needed or desired and it could be an unnecessary overexposure of the Dancing brand. One reason it stabilized was ABC changing the original to one day instead of two but now they will air this on Sundays and the regular edition on Mondays. I'm not sure I like that plan. Shark Tank airs at 9pm and should be solid as always while The Alec Baldwin Show will be a rare talk show in primetime with a 10pm slot. All these will only last at most until whenever American Idol premieres, which will probably be a few weeks sooner than it was this year.

MIDSEASON: THE FIX, GRAND HOTEL, SCHOOLED, WHISKEY CAVALIER, American Idol, The Bachelor, For the People, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
ABC has much less on deck for midseason than usual though drama False Profits, which got extra script orders, could still be picked up. I already mentioned plans for American Idol and For the People. The Bachelor will certainly return to Mondays while Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was announced as being held until Summer 2019. Whiskey Cavalier seems like a potential post-Idol show.

CANCELLED/ENDED: Alex Inc., The Crossing, Deception, Designated Survivor, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, Marvel's Inhumans, The Mayor, The Middle, Once Upon a Time, Quantico, Scandal, Ten Days in the Valley, The Toy Box
Weird to see long timers The Middle, Scandal, and Once Upon a Time on this list. They were staples of the ABC lineup for years.

I'm pretty content with this schedule - definitely more-so than FOX and I'd say I like it slightly more than NBC's. The new comedies are promising additions to the ABC family comedy brand and while The Rookie and A Million Little Things are in tough slots, they seem to have a better chance than some entries in those slots. Fridays are a question mark, but I think it's a better lineup than this year. Sundays could be a mess, but it's a temporary lineup. I like the schedule overall but I just wish ABC had picked up more shows especially given the huge list of cancellations. They don't have nearly enough depth if any of their newbies bomb out.

WEEKLY RECAP: May 7-13, 2018

Here is the weekly ratings recap looking back at the week in ratings for Week #33. Please note no repeats, sports, specials, or Saturday airings are counted

TOP 20 SHOWS (18-49 DEMO)
1. The Big Bang Theory (CBS, Thursday 8:00pm) - 2.9    24th week
2. Roseanne (ABC, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 2.6    6th week
3. Young Sheldon (CBS, Thursday 8:30pm) - 2.2    21st week
4. Grey's Anatomy (ABC, Thursday 8:00pm) - 1.9    22nd week
5. American Idol (ABC, Sunday 8:00pm) - 1.7    10th week
6. NCIS (CBS, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 1.6    22nd week
    Empire (FOX, Wednesday 8:00pm) - 1.6    16th week
8. The Voice (NBC, Monday 8:00pm) - 1.5    23rd week
    The Middle (ABC, Tuesday 8:30pm) - 1.5    21st week
    Survivor (CBS, Wednesday 8:00pm) - 1.5    23rd week
    Mom (CBS, Thursday 9:00pm) - 1.5    20th week
12. The Voice (NBC, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 1.3    22nd week
    Modern Family (ABC, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 1.3    21st week
    Mom (CBS, Thursday 9:30pm) - 1.3    Special Airing
15. Black-ish (ABC, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 1.2    10th week
    Bull (CBS, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 1.2    13th week
    The Goldbergs (ABC, Wednesday 8:00pm) - 1.2    21st week
    Chicago PD (NBC, Wednesday 10:00pm) - 1.2    16th week
    Star (FOX, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 1.2    16th week
    America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC, Sunday 7:00pm) - 1.2    5th week

1. Dynasty (CW, Friday 8:00pm) - 0.1    22nd week
    Life Sentence (CW, Friday 9:00pm) - 0.1    8th week
3. iZombie (CW, Monday 9:00pm) - 0.3    10th week
    The Originals (CW, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 0.3    4th week
    Arrow (CW, Thursday 9:00pm) - 0.3    21st week
6. The 100 (CW, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 0.4    3rd week
    Riverdale (CW, Wednesday 8:00pm) - 0.4    21st week
    Quantico (ABC, Thursday 10:00pm) - 0.4    3rd week
    Supernatural (CW, Thursday 8:00pm) - 0.4    21st week
10. The Crossing (ABC, Monday 10:00pm) - 0.5    2nd week
    Supergirl (CW, Monday 8:00pm) - 0.5    17th week
    For the People (ABC, Tuesday 10:00pm) - 0.5    4th week
    New Girl (FOX, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 0.5    Special Airing
    New Girl (FOX, Tuesday 9:30pm) - 0.5    5th week
    Designated Survivor (ABC, Wednesday 10:00pm) - 0.5    15th week
    Once Upon a Time (ABC, Friday 8:00pm) - 0.5    20th week
    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC, Friday 9:00pm) - 0.5    19th week
    20/20 (ABC, Friday 10:00pm) - 0.5    29th week
    Blindspot (NBC, Friday 8:00pm) - 0.5    20th week
    Genius Junior (NBC, Sunday 7:14pm) - 0.5    Special Airing

1. The Big Bang Theory (CBS, Thursday 8:00pm) - 15.5 million    24th week
2. NCIS (CBS, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 15.0 million    22nd week
3. Young Sheldon (CBS, Thursday 8:30pm) - 12.4 million    21st week
3. Bull (CBS, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 11.8 million    22nd week
4. Roseanne (ABC, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 10.3 million    6th week
5. Mom (CBS, Thursday 9:00pm) - 9.1 million    20th week
6. Blue Bloods (CBS, Friday 10:00pm) - 8.9 million    21st week
7. 60 Minutes (CBS, Sunday 7:00pm) - 8.7 million    27th week
8. American Idol (ABC, Sunday 8:00pm) - 8.5 million    10th week
9. The Voice (NBC, Monday 8:00pm) - 8.4 million    23rd week
10. NCIS: New Orleans (CBS, Tuesday 10:00pm) - 8.1 million    22nd week
11. Mom (CBS, Thursday 9:30pm) - 8.0 million    Special Airing
12. Dancing with the Stars (ABC, Monday 8:00pm) - 7.7 million    11th week
    Survivor (CBS, Wednesday 8:00pm) - 7.7 million    23rd week
14. 60 Minutes (CBS, Sunday 8:00pm) - 7.4 million    Special Airing
15. The Voice (NBC, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 7.3 million    22nd week
    Grey's Anatomy (ABC, Thursday 8:00pm) - 7.3 million    22nd week
    NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, Sunday 9:00pm) - 7.3 million    21st week
18. Hawaii Five-0 (CBS, Friday 9:00pm) - 7.1 million    23rd week
19. Chicago PD (NBC, Wednesday 10:00pm) - 6.3 million    13th week
20. SEAL Team (CBS, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 6.2 million    14th week

1. Life Sentence (CW, Friday 9:00pm) - 0.4 million    8th week
2. Dynasty (CW, Friday 8:00pm) - 0.6 million    22nd week
3. iZombie (CW, Monday 9:00pm) - 0.8 million    10th week
    The Originals (CW, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 0.8 million    4th week
5. Riverdale (CW, Wednesday 8:00pm) - 1.0 million    21st week
    Arrow (CW, Thursday 9:00pm) - 1.0 million    21st week
7. The 100 (CW, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 1.1 million    3rd week
8. New Girl (FOX, Tuesday 9:30pm) - 1.2 million    5th week
9. Supernatural (CW, Thursday 8:00pm) - 1.3 million    22nd week
10. New Girl (FOX, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 1.4 million    Special Airing
11. Supergirl (CW, Monday 8:00pm) - 1.6 million    17th week
      Bob's Burgers (FOX, Sunday 7:30pm) - 1.6 million    13th week
13. The Flash (CW, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 1.7 million    21st week
14. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX, Sunday 8:30pm) - 1.8 million    19th week
15. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC, Friday 9:00pm) - 1.9 million    19th week
      Bob's Burgers (FOX, Sunday 9:30pm) - 1.9 million    Special Airing
17. For the People (ABC, Tuesday 10:00pm) - 2.0 million    3rd week
     Quantico (ABC, Thursday 10:00pm) - 2.0 million    1st week
19. The Simpsons (FOX, Sunday 8:00pm) - 2.1 million    7th week
20. Gotham (FOX, Thursday 8:00pm) - 2.2 million    14th week
      Family Guy (FOX, Sunday 9:00pm) - 2.2 million    16th week

Monday - None
Tuesday - NCIS (CBS)    3rd week
Wednesday - American Housewife (ABC)    2nd week
Thursday - The Big Bang Theory (CBS)    4th week
Friday - Blue Bloods (CBS)    1st week
Sunday - America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC)    4th week

Monday - The Crossing (ABC)    2nd week
Tuesday - NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)    3rd week
Wednesday - Designated Survivor (ABC)    5th week
Thursday - Station 19 (ABC)    2nd week
Friday - Undercover Boss (CBS)    1st week (New Season)
Sunday - Genius Junior (NBC)    2nd week