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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

THE RUNDOWN: Tuesday, September 23

Check below this post for reviews of Gotham, Scorpion, and Forever. And check back tonight for a review of NCIS: New Orleans!

Tuesday night isn't quite as explosive as Monday night in terms of big shows, plus there is just one series premiere: the NCIS spinoff NCIS: New Orleans. CBS should have a good night as I think there will be curiosity in New Orleans that will help it come close to the parent show in the ratings. NBC will likely be tops in the demo with another two hour edition of The Voice. They are giving Chicago Fire a Voice lead-in for three weeks to help that show's third season get off to a good start, and I think they'll be successful. An interesting one to watch will be Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to see if it can recover some momentum. I feel like I haven't heard a lot of buzz about season two so I'm skeptical it'll get great numbers. Maybe Monday's premiere ratings will change things but I don't see Forever being able to get much traction at 10pm. FOX should get completely lost in the mix and I expect a big drop for New Girl from last week's low season premiere.

8:00 Dancing with the Stars Results
9:00 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #23 "Shadows" (Season Premiere)
10:00 Forever #2 "Look Before You Leap"
Prediction: Dancing - 9.8 million, 1.9/Marvel - 7.9 million, 2.5/Forever - 6.4 million, 1.4

8:00 NCIS #259 "Twenty Klicks" (Season Premiere)
9:00 NCIS: New Orleans #1 "Musician Heal Thyself" (SERIES PREMIERE)
10:00 Person of Interest #69 "Panopticon" (Season Premiere)
Prediction: NCIS - 18.7 million, 3.1/New Orleans - 16.3 million, 3.0/Person - 12.8 million, 2.4

8:00 The Voice
10:00 Chicago Fire #47 "Always" (Season Premiere)
Prediction: Voice - 13.1 million, 4.1/Fire - 8.1 million, 2.5

8:00 Utopia

9:00 New Girl #74 "Dice"
9:30 The Mindy Project #48 "Annette Castellano is My Nemesis"
Prediction: Utopia - 1.9 million, 0.7/New Girl - 2.4 million, 1.3/Mindy - 2.0 million, 1.2

Monday, September 22, 2014



Starring: Ioan Gruffudd, Alana de la Garza, Joel David Moore, Donnie Keshawarz, Barbara Eve Harris, and Judd Hirsch

Created by Matt Miller
Written by Matt Miller, Directed by Brad Anderson

THE PREMISE: Forever is a new drama from ABC that centers on a man who is seemingly immortal. Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) is a star medical examiner in New York City who studies the dead and has reason to because he's been killed many times and lived again going back over 200 years. Each time he wakes from the dead naked and in a river. The only person who knows his secret is confidante Abe (Judd Hirsch). Rounding out the main cast is Morgan's new partner, Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza), Morgan's assistant Lucas (Joel David Moore), and Detective Hanson (Donnie Keshawarz).

THE GOOD: I think this is an interesting premise which unfortunately doesn't pan out (see more on that below). The integration of humor into this show is an interesting element to a show that could be very grim. It seems to be have more humor than your average show like this, it has that whimsical ABC drama feeling mixed with a dark CBS procedural. Other than that, the only good thing I can say about this show is it's good to see Judd Hirsch back on TV.

THE BAD: This show is one that throws too many balls up in the air and catches very few on the way back down. It is a mix of crime drama, medical drama, sci-fi drama, historical drama, and psychological drama and has quite a bit of humor as well. That blending of genres is probably one or two too many. At first it felt like a sci-fi drama then quickly seemed like a "case of the week" medical procedural, then flashed back to a previous era, then dealt with psychological issues of dying. This show has absolutely no idea what it wants to be and that's a problem. There was so much exposition and exploration in these different types of issues that the plot holes were gaping yet it kept going in circles around the premise. It might be possible that this schizophrenic genre show would at least be mildly interesting but it was a complete bore too.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a mess of a show that will do nothing to cure ABC's Tuesday 10pm woes. I don't think there's anything here to really attract viewers. The premise doesn't work out and the performances are forgettable. ABC may fix Thursdays at 8pm by putting Grey's Anatomy there this year but this slot will continue to be a major problem for the alphabet network.



Starring: Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jadyn Wong, Ari Stidham, and Robert Patrick

Developed by Nick Santora
Teleplay by Nick Santora, Directed by Justin Lin

THE PREMISE: Scorpion is a new procedural based on the true story of genius and computer expert Walter O'Brien. O'Brien (Elyes Gabel) is working with a group of ragtag geniuses: Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas), Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong), and Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham). When a man from his past, Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick) confronts them with a national crisis, they turn from doing small jobs to major national and international concerns. During a crisis involving planes coming to LAX, they set up shop at a local diner where waitress Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee) gets involved. She also has a son who appears to be "challenged" but is actually a genius.

THE GOOD: Well, I don't know. There were hints of humor in this dramedy that were somewhat funny. The one part I found particularly funny was when they spotted a "tech guy" among the interns at their airport and his/their subsequent reactions. The show needed more moments like that where it was making fun of itself (more on that below). I guess the cast is competent and it's a somewhat unique spin on your average procedural.

THE BAD: This was just all so silly but it took itself way too seriously. Unlike The Mysteries of Laura, which purposely went back and forth between humor and drama, this one tried to be nearly all drama but too much of it came across in a "laughing at it" way. The fact that each of the geniuses has a special skill and routinely refers to said skill (example: "now we're down to a 17% chance" says the numbers guy) seems to be character development typically reserved for children's shows. The show was so chock full of "smart talk," it basically took the worst and most boring parts of procedurals like Person of Interest and Criminal Minds and created an entire show about it. I'm no idiot and I didn't understand much of what they were saying, nor did I care. The whole involvement of Katharine McPhee's character and her genius son felt awfully contrived (not to mention there's no way she'd be allowed to do all the things she was starting with staying in the diner).

BOTTOM LINE: This show's a stinker. For being a show about geniuses, it is pretty stupid. It takes itself entirely too seriously with its nerd talk. This is not The Big Bang Theory of dramas, it's a show that's been poorly put together and probably won't be around too long. I don't really see what the appeal was here for CBS to end over 60 years of comedies at 9pm Mondays.



Starring: Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, David Mazouz, Zebryna Guevara, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards, Camren Bicondova, Cory Michael Smith, and Jada Pinkett Smith

Based on the Characters by DC Comics
Developed by Bruno Heller
Written by Bruno Heller, Directed by Danny Cannon

THE PREMISE: Gotham is a Batman origin story set in one of the most famous fictional cities of all time. The show chronicles the rise of Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and his connection to young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), whose parents are killed. With his partner, Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), Gordon learns firsthand about the extensive corruption in the city. The series also chronicles the rise of Batman villains: Osward Cobblepot/Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), Edward Nygma/Riddler (Cory Michael Smith), and Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Camren Bicondova). Rounding out the main cast is Wayne's caretaker, Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee), Gordon's boss Sarah Essen (Zebryna Guevara), and Wayne's girlfriend Barbara Kean (Erin Richards). A brand new character not used in the comic books is crime boss Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith).

THE GOOD: I loved almost everything about the Gotham pilot. It so perfectly captured the dark corruption and feel to the dreary city. The stylized "look" to the show was essential here and it was incredibly important to evoke that from the beginning, which they did. There were some beautiful exterior shots of the city. Ben McKenzie is understated but strong as James Gordon and Donal Logue is also quite a force as Harvey Bullock. The real stars here though are the villains (both current and future ones). Robin Lord Taylor nearly stole the pilot with his perfect depiction of a young Penguin while the brief glimpses of the people who would become Catwoman and the Riddler were a good enough tease to be interesting. Jada Pinkett Smith was excellent as Fish Mooney and it's cool to have a character who is completely new to the show. Despite knowing what's going to happen to most of these characters, it was still interesting and exciting. If anything, it makes the origin story more interesting because it allows us to look for hints of things to come. The pilot threw a lot at us, but I thought it was very coherent and well put together.

THE BAD: I'm struggling to come up with much of anything for this section. They did throw a lot of balls up in the air so I hope the storytelling is as tight as it was in the pilot in episodes to come. I think they have to be a little bit careful with the Catwoman character. More than any other Batman villain, people seem to have a strong opinion of how she should be played perhaps thanks to people like Julie Newmar and Michelle Pfeiffer. They have to be careful to not just have her leaping around buildings and being mysterious all the time. Either tease her ever so slightly or evolve her into more of a character.

BOTTOM LINE: Gotham was my most anticipated fall show and it did not disappoint. With so many fascinating stories to tell, strong performances, and the most visually appealing look on any new show in a while, I can't wait for Mondays this fall. I'm not even a comic book fan but I am a Batman fan and this is satisfying to Batman fans while giving it a new twist. I'll be back next week at the same Bat time and same Bat channel.

THE RUNDOWN: Monday, September 22

The fall season is officially here! Check back often for rundowns, ratings recaps, and pilot reviews! Look below this post for my review of Madam Secretary and check back tonight for reviews of Gotham, Scorpion, and Forever!

The first night of the new season has a ton of big time premieres so we'll have to see if something will get lost in the shuffle. My best bet for the network to suffer from that is ABC with week two of Dancing with the Stars after an underwhelming premiere and a sneak preview of Forever, which doesn't seem like it will generate a ton of interest. CBS has an hour of The Big Bang Theory and they have made sure fans know its back on Mondays for now so I don't think it'll suffer much in the move. It should provide a big lead-in for Scorpion, which may bleed as the hour goes on but still get a good sampling. The improved 8-10pm lineup should help the season finale of Under the Dome rise from anything it's done most of the summer.

NBC has The Voice, which will compete with The Big Bang Theory for top demo draw. I could see Big Bang winning 8pm but The Voice winning the night thanks to 9pm. The highly anticipated season premiere of The Blacklist follows at 10pm and I think it'll post big numbers after relentless promotion from NBC this summer. Finally, FOX has the big premiere of Gotham. While I think it'll have a strong premiere, it won't come close to what Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did last year in its premiere thanks to more competition and FOX's general state. Still, Monday is their best bet and I think both Gotham and season two of Sleepy Hollow will start strong.

8:00 Dancing with the Stars 
10:00 Forever #1 "Pilot" (SERIES PREMIERE)
Prediction: Dancing - 11.5 million, 2.0/Forever - 7.3 million, 1.7

8:00 The Big Bang Theory #160 "The Locomotion Interruption" (Season Premiere)
8:30 The Big Bang Theory #161 "The Junior Professor Solution"
9:00 Scorpion #1 "Pilot" (SERIES PREMIERE)
10:00 Under the Dome #26 "Go Now" (Season Finale)
Prediction: Big Bang 8:00 - 15.2 million, 4.2/Big Bang 8:30 - 15.9 million, 4.4/Scorpion - 11.6 million, 2.7/Dome - 8.1 million, 1.9

8:00 The Voice (7th Edition Premiere)

10:00 The Blacklist #23 "Lord Baltimore" (Season Premiere)
Prediction: Voice - 14.1 million, 4.5/Blacklist - 11.6 million, 3.1

8:00 Gotham #1 "Pilot" (SERIES PREMIERE)

9:00 Sleepy Hollow #14 "This is War" (Season Premiere)
Prediction: Gotham - 9.7 million, 3.1/Sleepy - 8.9 million, 2.9

Sunday, September 21, 2014

PILOT REVIEW: Madam Secretary


Starring: Tea Leoni, Tim Daly, Patina Miller, Geoffrey Arend, Erich Bergen, Katherine Herzer, Evan Roe, with Zeljko Ivanek, and Bebe Neuwirth

Created by Barbara Hall
Written by Barbara Hall, Directed by David Semel

THE PREMISE: Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) is a former CIA agent now enjoying a quiet life as a college professor with her husband Henry (Tim Daly) and two kids (Katherine Herzer and Evan Roe). When the US Secretary of State is in a plane crash, the President (her old boss at the CIA) asks her to become the new Secretary of State. We then flash forward two months and meet key players in her administration: chief of staff Nadine Tolliver (Bebe Neuwirth), speechwriter Matt Mahoney (Geoffrey Arend), and press coordinator Diasy Finch (Patina Miller). Rounding out the main cast is the White House Chief of Staff and adversary to McCord, Russell Jackson (Zeljko Ivanek).

THE GOOD: This is an absolutely stellar cast: it is full of people who have tons of TV, film, and theater experience and it shows. It all starts with Tea Leoni, who is very strong in the title role. When a show is built around a certain character, it better be a strong character. I'm not sure that Elizabeth McCord is strongly written but I do know Leoni is playing her with a sense of intelligence, confidence, and humor, and it completely works. There was no one in the cast I didn't like. Tim Daly is strong as Elizabeth's husband and Zeljko Ivanek is good in pretty much anything he's in with his cold steeliness. I am always happy to see dramas set in the world of DC. It's a lot closer to to The West Wing than Scandal in the sense that the people working in the nation's highest offices seem to be decent people and not cheating murderers (I love Scandal but I get the feeling this is going for a classier approach to DC). I was glad the show decided to skip the two months in-between the President offering Elizabeth the position and her getting settled into the job. We didn't have to watch a "debate" with her family, getting adjusted process, etc. Finally, there was a walk and talk just for us West Wing fans!

THE BAD: While it's quite obvious the show is trying to elicit memories of The West Wing or its Sunday night counterpart The Good Wife, it isn't there yet. I think the biggest reason is the writing isn't quite there yet because I really doubt the cast is the problem. I found the first episode to drag in places and the story about returning the two American boys wasn't all that interesting. In a show about the Secretary of State, I feel like there could be better stories to tell. There doesn't need to be any sort of major scandal or conspiracy (though they are hinting at that with the end of the pilot) but there does need to be quality stories that provoke thought or emotion and the pilot plot didn't do that.

BOTTOM LINE: Despite my concerns with the pilot, I'm still very excited for this show because of the cast. Now entering my fifth year doing the blog, I think this cast may be the best I've seen yet. I think the state department is a fascinating topic and the possibilities are endless. The show doesn't need to get bogged down in anything boring or silly. It can be the next great quality broadcast drama if it figures it all out.


Please note these are based on preliminary results. This post will be updated to reflect final numbers when available.

8:00 College Football
Viewers: 6.1 million, 18-49 demo: 2.1

8:00 NCIS (Repeat)

Viewers: 4.4 million, 18-49 demo: 0.7
9:00 NCIS: Los Angeles (Repeat)
Viewers: 4.2 million, 18-49 demo: 0.6
10:00 48 Hours (Repeat)
Viewers: 4.5 million, 18-49 demo: 0.6

8:00 American Ninja Warrior (Repeat)
Viewers: 2.4 million, 18-49 demo: 0.7

8:00 College Football

Viewers: 3.2 million, 18-49 demo: 1.0

FALL PREVIEW 2014: In Summary

Hope you enjoyed the week of night by night previews. Here are my official predictions for the new shows. Last year, I was overly optimistic on the newbies. I correctly predicted survival for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Millers, Mom, The Blacklist, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Sleepy Hollow while I missed with Back in the Game, Trophy Wife, Hostages, The Crazy Ones, and The Michael J. Fox Show. I incorrectly predicted cancellation for The Goldbergs and Masterchef Junior but I correctly predicted the cancellation of Betrayal, Lucky 7, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Super Fun Night, We Are Men, Dracula, Ironside, Sean Saves the World, Welcome to the Family, and Dads.

This year, I am not very optimistic on the newbies. I think a couple new shows could be breakout hits but I also see a couple of potential "instant bombs" (I'm looking at you, ABC Tuesday comedies and NBC Thursday comedies). It seems to me like the networks are more concerned with protecting their sophomores with potential (The Blacklist and Chicago PD on NBC, Mom on CBS, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Sleepy Hollow on FOX, and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Goldbergs on ABC). I see most of those shows continuing to be strong and that means less room for newbie shows. It's evident by timeslots that the networks have a lot of other priorities.

Check back all this week and in the weeks to come for detailed ratings recaps and rundowns and pilot reviews of all the new shows!

Past Fall Preview Summaries: 2013    2012    2011

Shows I Think Will Make it to Season 2
Black-ish (ABC)
How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)
NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)
Stalker (CBS)
Marry Me (NBC)
Gotham (FOX)
Notes: The two I'm least certain of from this list are Marry Me and Stalker. I think Black-ish, How to Get Away with Murder, and Gotham have a chance for big success and NCIS: New Orleans should be a safe and solid option.

Shows I Think Will Get Cancelled
Cristela (ABC)
Forever (ABC)
Manhattan Love Story (ABC)
Selfie (ABC)
Madam Secretary (CBS)
The McCarthys (CBS)
Scorpion (CBS)
A to Z (NBC)
Bad Judge (NBC)
Constantine (NBC)
The Mysteries of Laura (NBC)
State of Affairs (NBC)
Gracepoint (FOX)
Mulaney (FOX)
Red Band Society (FOX)
Utopia (FOX)
Notes: The ones I think that stand the best chance from this list are Cristela, Madam Secretary, and State of Affairs. But I'm pretty skeptical about any of these to be honest.

Finally the top five shows I'm most excited for. Last year, I really only ended up liking two of my top five (The Blacklist and Brooklyn Nine-Nine) while one of my favorites (The Goldbergs) was not on my initial list.

Close Calls: None really. I could see Stalker being a guilty pleasure and I could see myself getting into Gracepoint but I wouldn't really say I'm excited for them.

5) Madam Secretary (CBS) - I love The West Wing and I've always wanted to get into The Good Wife (it premiered a year before I started this blog so I never watched season one and then never caught up). So I'm hopeful this show will be on that level but the early reviews give me pause even though I don't always agree with critics. I think the cast is great and it's full of potential.

4) Black-ish (ABC) - There were a ton of family comedies last year that I was excited about but I really only ended up liking The Goldbergs. This year there are very few, which is sad, but one that looks exceptional is Black-ish. I think it'll be a great addition to the ABC Wednesday lineup.

3) How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) - I just love the craziness of Scandal and this sounds like it's already a whole lot more crazy than Scandal was when it started. I'm excited to see Viola Davis and I like the setting at a university. I hope the thrills keep coming all season.

2) Red Band Society (FOX) - This is the only one of the five that I've already seen the pilot for and I adored it. I think the cast is exceptional and the setting is unique. The ratings weren't encouraging but I hope this becomes the little show that could. I'd be real disappointed if we only got a few episodes of this potentially amazing drama.

1) Gotham (FOX) - Believe me, I am surprised by this. I'm not a comics fan at all but I've always had a soft spot for Batman and the origins story is already fascinating to me. Plus the noir look of the show and the idea that there will be a weekly story plus the rise of a Batman villain each season seems like a great idea.

At midseason I am excited for American Crime (ABC), Fresh Off the Boat (ABC), Mr. Robinson (NBC), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (NBC), and maybe The Odd Couple (CBS).

FALL PREVIEW 2014: Sunday

Sunday night has big changes for FOX as they break up their animated lineup with live action sitcoms for the first time in years. CBS is also making changes, bringing a new high profile drama and a transplanted veteran to the night. ABC and NBC have more of the same.

Past Sunday Previews: 2013    2012    2011    2010

7:00 America's Funniest Home Videos (25th season)
8:00 Once Upon a Time (4th season)
9:00 Resurrection (2nd season)
10:00 Revenge (4th season)
ABC is keeping its spring lineup in tact for the fall. After mainstay America's Funniest Home Videos, ABC is giving a lot of promotional muscle to Once Upon a Time thanks to its fall Frozen story arc. This show stopped the bleeding in the spring and it's possible the Frozen idea will inject some more life into the show. If that happens, the rest of the lineup could benefit. Resurrection had a huge debut in March but lost viewers nearly every week. That's a horrible trajectory and I don't think there's a lot of interest in this show's second season so I think it'll be done this year. Revenge follows at 10pm. It stabilized a bit at 10pm last year but the buzz is so far gone from this show. This could also be its last season.

7:00 60 Minutes (47th season)
9:00 The Good Wife (6th season)
10:00 CSI (15th season)
CBS is making major changes to a lineup that was getting very stale and old skewing on Sunday night. However, the new lineup may not be any younger skewing. Primetime TV's longest running show 60 Minutes continues at 7pm and will do well when it has an NFL lead-in. At 8pm is the new Madam Secretary starring Tea Leoni. CBS is hoping this will draw the same type of critical acclaim and upscale audience that has kept The Good Wife afloat for five years despite lower ratings. CBS opted to get it closer to NFL overruns in the fall than airing it at 9pm or 10pm, but it doesn't seem like it will be that appealing to NFL fans. The Good Wife, fresh off its most acclaimed season yet, continues at 9pm. At 10pm is CSI, moving over after three years on Wednesdays. This show is clearly nearing the end of its long-run but CBS hopes it can top what The Mentalist was doing recently. There are tentative plans to bring the new spinoff CSI: Cyber to this slot at some point during the season. As they did last season, all the CBS shows will start at 7:30pm on days when CBS has an NFL doubleheader.

7:00 Football Night in America (9th season)
8:30 Sunday Night Football
As usual, NBC has football on Sundays and early returns are good even with the NFL mired in scandal. For once, NBC does not have definitive plans for this night at midseason. With a lot on the bench though, there are a lot of options for them.

7:00 NFL Overrun/The OT/Animated Encores

7:30 Bob's Burgers (5th season)
8:00 The Simpsons (26th season)
8:30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2nd season)
9:00 Family Guy (13th season)
FOX has had some type of animated lineup for several years, but they will now bring live action sitcoms to the night for the first time since 2009-10. Bob's Burgers will sometimes air in the 7pm hour, but not when there's a late NFL game. It basically seems like FOX has stopped caring about this show. The Simpsons and Family Guy continue to be the 8pm and 9pm anchors, but the :30 slots are now new sitcoms. FOX is betting big that critical darling Brooklyn Nine-Nine can become a big player as they are sandwiching it between their two animated hits that do well during football season. Either it's going to grow or it's not going to have the same audience and be a glaring weakness like Arrested Development was. I think the nature of the show gives it a better chance to appeal to the Simpsons crowd. At 9:30pm is the new sitcom Mulaney. Branded as a modern day Seinfeld, the multi-camera sitcom hasn't gotten great reviews but has a chance to appeal to the male-skewing Family Guy. However, it also seems like it may just be too bland and Family Guy fans will switch over to football at 9:30pm.

New Friday Show Survival Chances
Madam Secretary (CBS) - Fair. If it can have the acclaim of The Good Wife, it stands a chance even if its old-skewing (which it most certainly will be). But early reviews are not as strong and if the quality isn't there, this show doesn't stand a chance.

Mulaney (FOX) - Poor. I just don't see a bland sitcom being able to hold enough of the Family Guy audience. If FOX really wanted this one to have a chance, they would have put it on at the 8:30pm slot instead.

THE RUNDOWN: Sunday, September 21

Sunday night has the series premiere of CBS's much hyped new drama Madam Secretary as well as the season six premiere of The Good Wife. CBS wants to make sure there's absolutely no trouble for audiences to see it anywhere in the country with the NFL wackiness that messes with the Sunday lineup at times so they are airing the same episode both before AND after The Good Wife. It will also allow them to put the two numbers together for their press release on the ratings. It should have a solid start especially against reruns on ABC and FOX and a so-so Sunday night game on NBC. Also, FOX is airing American Dad! for the final time tonight as that show will move to TBS.

7:00 America's Funniest Home Videos (REPEAT)
8:00 Once Upon a Time #66 "There's No Place Like Home" (REPEAT)
9:00 Resurrection #8 "Torn Apart" (REPEAT)

10:00 Revenge #66 "Execution" (REPEAT)

7:00 NFL Overrun
7:30 60 Minutes
8:30 Madam Secretary #1 "Pilot" (SERIES PREMIERE)
9:30 The Good Wife #113 "The Line" (Season Premiere)
10:30 Madam Secretary #1 "Pilot" (REPEAT)

7:00 Football Night in America

8:30 Sunday Night Football: Pittsburgh at Carolina

7:00 Bob's Burgers #52 "Bob and Deliver" (REPEAT)
7:30 The Simpsons #549 "What to Expect When Bob's Expecting" (REPEAT)
8:00 The Simpsons #551 "Pay Pal" (REPEAT)

8:30 Family Guy #227 "The Most Interesting Man in the World" (REPEAT)
9:00 Family Guy #226 "Herpe the Love Sore" (REPEAT)
9:30 American Dad! #175 "Blagsnarst, a Love Story"