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Thursday, October 8, 2015

THE RUNDOWN: Thursday, October 8

Thursday night has the usual lineups and a less intriguing NFL game than last week. It will be interesting to see if week three of TGIT stabilizes or if things go south again. Ditto for the NBC lineup (or at least the first two hours as The Player is all but dead).

8:00 Grey's Anatomy #248 "I Choose You"
9:00 Scandal #72 "Paris is Burning"
10:00 How to Get Away with Murder #18 "It's Called the Octopus"
Prediction: Grey's - 8.2 million, 2.2/Scandal - 9.2 million, 2.7/Murder - 7.2 million, 2.1

8:00 Thursday Night Kickoff
8:30 Thursday Night Football: Indianapolis at Houston

8:00 Heroes: Reborn #4 "The Needs of the Many"
9:00 The Blacklist #46 "Marvin Gerard"
10:00 The Player #3 "LA Takedown"
Prediction: Heroes - 4.3 million, 1.3/Blacklist - 6.9 million, 1.6/Player - 3.9 million, 0.9

8:00 Bones #214 "The Brother in the Basement"
9:00 Sleepy Hollow #33 "Whispers in the Dark"
Prediction: Bones - 5.5 million, 1.2/Hollow - 3.1 million, 0.9

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


8:00 The Muppets
Viewers: 4.9 million, 18-49 demo: 1.7
8:30 Fresh Off the Boat
Viewers: 4.9 million, 18-49 demo: 1.8
9:00 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Viewers: 4.3 million, 18-49 demo: 1.6
10:00 Quantico (Repeat)
Viewers: 3.1 million, 18-49 demo: 0.7

8:00 NCIS
Viewers: 16.9 million, 18-49 demo: 2.2
9:00 NCIS: New Orleans
Viewers: 14.2 million, 18-49 demo: 1.7
10:00 Limitless
Viewers: 9.6 million, 18-49 demo: 1.7

8:00 The Voice Clip Show
Viewers: 8.9 million, 18-49 demo: 2.2
10:00 Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris
Viewers: 4.5 million, 18-49 demo: 1.3

8:00 Grandfathered

Viewers: 3.9 million, 18-49 demo: 1.2
8:30 The Grinder
Viewers: 3.2 million, 18-49 demo: 1.0
9:00 Scream Queens
Viewers: 3.0 million, 18-49 demo: 1.2

On Tuesday night, ABC saw another drop in week three of The Muppets. It was down nine tenths in viewers and another three tenths in the demo. It has now dropped 1.2 demo points in just three weeks, which is not a good sign at all. This never seemed like it was going to be a game-changer to me, but I'm surprised at how rejected it has been. If it levels off now, it'll be OK but I'm not convinced that will happen. The best news for ABC came at 8:30pm where Fresh Off the Boat was not only up two tenths in viewers and a tenth in the demo, it also built on its lead-in. This is really looking like a long-term player for ABC. Too bad their Wednesday lineup is full. At 9pm, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was down six tenths in viewers and a tenth in the demo from last week's season premiere. ABC chose to encore Quantico again, delaying the Beyond the Tank premiere yet another week. It delivered decent numbers for a repeat.

On CBS, NCIS was up four tenths in viewers and even in the demo. NCIS: New Orleans followed and was 1.3 million viewers and even in the demo. New Orleans debuted weakly but it has held steady for three weeks. Next week, it has to face a new edition of The Voice, which will only be in the 9pm hour. At 10pm, Limitless was down a tenth in viewers and two tenths in the demo. It skews much younger than New Orleans with the same demo but many less viewers. It has surely done enough to get a full season from CBS. NBC had a clip show of The Voice and that led to Best Time Ever crashing to a new low as it fell 1.5 million viewers and six tenths in the demo with a much weaker lead-in. That doesn't bode well for its move to 8pm next week.

It was a rough second week for the new FOX comedies after their decent starts last week. Grandfathered was down 1.4 million viewers and three tenths in the demo while The Grinder was down an even worse 1.5 million viewers and half a demo point. These were pretty disastrous second weeks as they are already in minuscule ratings territory, especially The Grinder. The good news for these two shows is that FOX's lineup is in disarray so they will probably be patient with these two shows to see if they can find an audience. At 9pm, week three of Scream Queens was down half a million viewers and two tenths in the demo. FOX continues to tout its huge online presence but that is not translating at all to live viewers and it's not like it's the biggest beast ever in DVR. This is just more of a narrowly appealing show than FOX had hoped.

WINNER OF THE NIGHT: Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)

RENEWAL ALERT: Bob's Burgers

FOX announced today that it has renewed Bob's Burgers for two more seasons, which extends it through its eighth season in 2017-18. As per usual with animated shows, they require more lead time for renewals and FOX tends to make decisions like this with them. Bob's Burgers joins The Simpsons as early renewals for next season. I imagine we'll hear similar news for Family Guy sometime soon too.

THE RUNDOWN: Wednesday, October 7

Wednesday night has week three of most shows and week two of some others. It will be interesting to see how Empire does in week three... was last week's drop just where it needed to settle after its huge premiere or will the dropping continue? I think it'll go down a little bit more. Elsewhere, Code Black had a very modest start last week and could be in trouble if it takes a big second week spill. Also, will ABC's 8pm hour continue to shine and can Black-ish recover from last week's tumble?

8:00 The Middle #147 "The Shirt"
8:30 The Goldbergs #50 "Jimmy 5 is Alive"
9:00 Modern Family #147 "The Closet Case"
9:30 Black-ish #27 "Dr. Hell No"
10:00 Nashville #68 "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye?"
Prediction: Middle - 7.5 million, 2.0/Goldbergs - 7.1 million, 2.3/Modern - 9.3 million, 3.0/Black-ish - 6.3 million, 2.0/Nashville - 4.5 million, 1.2

8:00 Survivor
9:00 Criminal Minds #235 "The Witness"
10:00 Code Black #2 "We Plug Holes"
Prediction: Survivor - 9.5 million, 2.4/Criminal - 9.5 million, 1.8/Code - 7.7 million, 1.3

8:00 The Mysteries of Laura #25 "The Mystery of the Locked Box"
9:00 Law & Order: SVU #369 "Institutional Fail"
10:00 Chicago PD #40 "Natural Born Storyteller"
Prediction: Laura - 6.9 million, 1.1/SVU - 7.5 million, 1.9/PD - 6.6 million, 1.7

8:00 Rosewood #3 "Have-Nots and Hematomas"

9:00 Empire #15 "Fires of Heaven"
Prediction: Rosewood - 5.9 million, 1.9/Empire - 13.1 million, 5.2

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


8:00 Dancing with the Stars
Viewers: 11.8 million, 18-49 demo: 1.7
10:00 Castle
Viewers: 6.8 million, 18-49 demo: 1.2

8:00 The Big Bang Theory
Viewers: 15.4 million, 18-49 demo: 3.9
8:30 Life in Pieces
Viewers: 8.9 million, 18-49 demo: 1.9
9:00 Scorpion
Viewers: 10.0 million, 18-49 demo: 1.8
10:00 NCIS: Los Angeles
Viewers: 8.0 million, 18-49 demo: 1.2

8:00 The Voice
Viewers: 12.2 million, 18-49 demo: 3.3
10:00 Blindspot
Viewers: 9.1 million, 18-49 demo: 2.4

8:00 Gotham

Viewers: 4.3 million, 18-49 demo: 1.5
9:00 Minority Report
Viewers: 2.1 million, 18-49 demo: 0.7

NBC was on top for another Monday. At 8pm, The Voice was up a tenth in viewers and even in the demo while week three of Blindspot was even in viewers but down another two tenths in the demo. It seems like it's stabilizing but I'm not convinced it's done dropping yet. Over on CBS, The Big Bang Theory was up two tenths in viewers and a tenth in the demo. Will it be able to get back above a 4.0 demo before it goes back to Thursdays? At 8:30pm, Life in Pieces was up two tenths in viewers and even in the demo. The good news is it didn't drop but the bad news is that it is now below 50% retention since Big Bang was up this week. I still don't think we'll see this make the move to Thursdays and we'll probably hear something this week or next about it. At 9pm, Scorpion was up half a million viewers and a tenth in the demo from last week's series low while NCIS: Los Angeles was up three tenths in viewers and even in the demo.

Over on ABC, Dancing with the Stars was up eight tenths in viewers and a tenth in the demo, joining Big Bang and Scorpion as the only shows up week-to-week. At 10pm, Castle was up a tenth in viewers and even in the demo. Both Castle and NCIS: Los Angeles have at least held steady for three weeks since their disappointing 1.2 season premiere demos. Finally on FOX, Gotham was down four tenths in viewers and a tenth in the demo, tying a series low in the demo and hitting it outright in viewers. At 9pm, Minority Report dipped even further, falling half a million viewers and two tenths in the demo to a terrible 0.7 demo. It's time for FOX to pull this off of Mondays now. My suggestion would be to bring Masterchef Junior over to 8pm and move Gotham to 9pm because that would also keep Gotham from having to compete with Supergirl on CBS in a couple weeks. Minority Report could be yanked entirely or burned off on Fridays.

WINNER OF THE NIGHT: The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
LOSER OF THE NIGHT: Minority Report (FOX)

WEEKLY RECAP: September 28-October 4, 2015

Here is my weekly recap for Week #2. Please note this only covers regularly scheduled shows (no sports, specials, repeats, or Saturday shows)

Check out Week #2 from last year!

TOP 10 SHOWS (18-49 DEMO)
1. Empire (FOX, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 5.5    2nd week
2. The Big Bang Theory (CBS, Monday 8:00pm) - 3.8    2nd week
3. The Voice (NBC, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 3.7    2nd week
4. The Voice (NBC, Monday 8:00pm) - 3.4    2nd week
5. Modern Family (ABC, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 3.0    2nd week
6. Scandal (ABC, Thursday 9:00pm) - 2.8    2nd week
7. The Simpsons (FOX, Sunday 8:00pm) - 2.7    1st week
8. Blindspot (NBC, Monday 10:00pm) - 2.6    2nd week
9. The Goldbergs (ABC, Wednesday 8:30pm) - 2.4    1st week
    Survivor (CBS, Wednesday 8:00pm) - 2.4    1st week

1. NCIS (CBS, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 16.5 million    2nd week
2. The Big Bang Theory (CBS, Monday 8:00pm) - 15.2 million    2nd week
3. Empire (FOX, Wednesday 9:00pm) - 13.7 million    2nd week
4. The Voice (NBC, Tuesday 8:00pm) - 13.6 million    2nd week
5. NCIS: New Orleans (CBS, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 12.9 million    2nd week
6. The Voice (NBC, Monday 8:00pm) - 12.1 million    2nd week
7. 60 Minutes (CBS, Sunday 7:00pm) - 11.8 million    1st week
    Madam Secretary (CBS, Sunday 8:00pm) - 11.8 million    1st week (New Season)
9. Blue Bloods (CBS, Friday 10:00pm) - 11.4 million    1st week
10. Dancing with the Stars (ABC, Monday 8:00pm) - 11.0 million    2nd week

1. Minority Report (FOX, Monday 9:00pm) - 0.9    2nd week
2. The Player (NBC, Thursday 10;00pm) - 1.0    2nd week
    Sleepy Hollow (FOX, Thursday 9:00pm) - 1.0    1st week (New Season)
    CSI: Cyber (CBS, Sundays 10:00pm) - 1.0    1st week (New Season)
5. Nashville (ABC, Wednesday 10:00pm) - 1.1    2nd week
    20/20 (ABC, Friday 10:00pm) - 1.1    1st week
    Hawaii Five-0 (CBS, Friday 9:00pm) - 1.1    2nd week
    Dateline NBC (NBC, Friday 9:00pm) - 1.1    2nd week
9. Castle (ABC, Monday 10:00pm) - 1.2    2nd week
    NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, Monday 10:00pm) - 1.2    2nd week
    The Mysteries of Laura (NBC, Wednesdays 8:00pm) - 1.2    2nd week
    Last Man Standing (ABC, Friday 8:00pm) - 1.2    2nd week
    The Amazing Race (CBS, Friday 8:00pm) - 1.2    2nd week
    The Good Wife (CBS, Sunday 9:00pm) - 1.2    1st week (New Season)

1. Minority Report (FOX, Monday 9:00pm) - 2.6 million    2nd week
2. The Last Man on Earth (FOX, Sunday 9:30pm) - 3.3 million    2nd week
3. Scream Queens (FOX, Tuesday 9:00pm) - 3.5 million    2nd week
    Sleepy Hollow (FOX, Thursday 9:00pm) - 3.5 million    1st week (New Season)
5. Family Guy (FOX, Sunday 9:00pm) - 3.6 million    2nd week
6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX, Sunday 8:30pm) - 4.1 million    2nd week
7. 20/20 (ABC, Friday 10:00pm) - 4.4 million    1st week
8. The Player (NBC, Thursday 10:00pm) - 4.6 million    2nd week
9. Gotham (FOX, Monday 8:00pm) - 4.7 million    2nd week
    Fresh Off the Boat (ABC, Tuesday 8:30pm) - 4.7 million    1st week
    Nashville (ABC, Wednesday 10:00pm) - 4.7 million    2nd week

Monday - The Voice (NBC)    1st week
Tuesday - Limitless (CBS)    1st week
Wednesday - The Middle (ABC)    1st week
Thursday - The Blacklist (NBC)    1st week (New Season)
Friday - Dr. Ken (ABC)    1st week (NEW SHOW)
Sunday - Quantico (ABC)    2nd week

Monday - Life in Pieces (CBS)    1st week
Tuesday - The Muppets (ABC)    1st week
Wednesday - Black-ish (ABC)    1st week
Thursday - Sleepy Hollow (FOX)    1st week (New Season)
Friday - 20/20 (ABC)    1st week
Sunday - CSI: Cyber (CBS)    1st week (New Season)

1. The Middle #146 "Cutting the Cord"    2nd week
2. Fresh Off the Boat #15 "Boy II Man"    1st week
3. The Grinder #1 "Pilot"    1st week (NEW SHOW)
4. How to Get Away with Murder #17 "She's Dying"    1st week
5. Gotham #24 "Rise of the Villains: Knock, Knock"    1st week


7:00 The Muppets (Repeat)
Viewers: 2.4 million, 18-49 demo: 0.5
7:30 The Muppets (Repeat)
Viewers: 2.7 million, 18-49 demo: 0.8
8:00 Once Upon a Time
Viewers: 5.4 million, 18-49 demo: 1.8
9:00 Blood & Oil
Viewers: 5.3 million, 18-49 demo: 1.3
10:00 Quantico
Viewers: 7.0 million, 18-49 demo: 1.9

7:00 60 Minutes
Viewers: 11.8 million, 18-49 demo: 1.4
8:00 Madam Secretary
Viewers: 11.8 million, 18-49 demo: 1.4
9:00 The Good Wife
Viewers: 9.3 million, 18-49 demo: 1.2
10:00 CSI: Cyber
Viewers: 6.8 million, 18-49 demo: 1.0

7:00 Football Night in America
Viewers: 6.8 million, 18-49 demo: 2.3
8:00 NFL Pregame
Viewers: 12.7 million, 18-49 demo: 4.4
8:30 Sunday Night Football
Viewers: 24.2 million, 18-49 demo: 8.7

7:00 NFL Overrun

Viewers: 25.9 million, 18-49 demo: 8.7
7:30 The OT
Viewers: 13.3 million, 18-49 demo: 4.9
8:00 The Simpsons
Viewers: 6.0 million, 18-49 demo: 2.7
8:30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Viewers: 4.1 million, 18-49 demo: 1.9
9:00 Family Guy
Viewers: 3.6 million, 18-49 demo: 1.7
9:30 The Last Man on Earth
Viewers: 3.3 million, 18-49 demo: 1.5

On Sunday night, the CBS lineup got off to an OK start with no direct football lead-in. It skewed old, but certainly could have been worse. 60 Minutes and Madam Secretary delivered an identical 11.8 million viewers and 1.4 demo. For Madam, this was a solid return after mostly lower demos in the spring. It was on par with non-football Sundays last fall, and will probably go up from here on weeks that CBS has a direct NFL lead-in. At 9pm, The Good Wife returned OK at a 1.2 demo. This show is just getting older and its upside is limited. It seems quite likely it will go below a 1.0 demo in the spring. CSI: Cyber was not much of a player at 10pm with a very weak 1.0 demo. Since it's only a second year show and CBS has mostly decent drama players, I don't see this even lasting the rest of the season. It's time to move The Good Wife to 10pm and launch a new show at 9pm, but I'm not sure CBS has an upscale show to fit in waiting on deck.

On ABC, nothing took a major dive but the best news came from Quantico once again. At 8pm, Once Upon a Time was down half a million viewers and even in the demo. After an underwhelming debut, this was a good second week for this show. The weak spot is very clearly Blood & Oil at 9pm. It was down 1.1 million viewers and a tenth in the demo. That's not an awful week two drop but this show isn't a big appeal. As long as ABC doesn't think it's holding back Quantico, it might let it ride out the fall since it's not falling on its face. Speaking of Quantico, it was down just a tenth in viewers and even in the demo for an awesome second week. Fans are clearly responding to this show and it's being a big over-performer in a difficult time period so far. Some are already suggesting to move it to 9pm or to Mondays or Wednesdays at 10pm. I'm not opposed to trying it there for a week but I'd be careful right now. Let it have a chance here where it seems to be tapping into an audience.

FOX had a direct NFL lead-in and it certainly helped the Sunday night lineup but not as much as you might think. Not surprisingly, it was The Simpsons that was helped the most since it was closest to the NFL action. It was up 2.7 million viewers and 1.2 demo points. Each subsequent show didn't add as much to last week's total as the NFL halo effect dimmed each half hour. At 8:30pm, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was up a million viewers and four tenths in the demo. For both Simpsons and Brooklyn, it was their best performance since January 4, but I still felt like it could have been better. The 9pm hour didn't get the same kind of boost. Family Guy was up seven tenths in viewers and two tenths in the demo while The Last Man on Earth was up two tenths in viewers and a tenth in the demo. Looks like Last Man may not get the benefit of a FOX Sunday in the fall since the NFL overrun effect wore off by then. Finally on NBC, a Cowboys-Saints overtime game was up nicely from last week's Broncos-Lions game.


THE RUNDOWN: Tuesday, October 6

Tuesday night gives us a lot of new shows to monitor in the ratings. The Muppets had a huge second week drop while Limitless kept 100% of its demo. So will the trend continue? I don't think Muppets is done dropping but I don't think Limitless can keep it up especially with ABC's new season of Beyond the Tank joining the timeslot for a few weeks. Elsewhere, FOX has week two of Grandfathered and The Grinder and their performance will be telling as to whether these two shows will be viable in this slot.

8:00 The Muppets #3 "Bear Left Then Bear Write"
8:30 Fresh Off the Boat #16 "Shaquille O'Neal Motors"
9:00 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #46 "Purpose in the Machine"
10:00 Beyond the Tank (Season Premiere)
Prediction: Muppets - 5.2 million, 1.7/Boat - 4.4 million, 1.5/Marvel - 4.5 million, 1.5/Tank - 5.2 million, 1.6

8:00 NCIS #285 "Incognito"
9:00 NCIS: New Orleans #26 "Touched by the Sun"
10:00 Limitless #3 "The Legend of Marcos Ramos"
Prediction: NCIS - 16.2 million, 2.2/New Orleans - 12.8 million, 1.7/Limitless - 9.2 million, 1.7

8:00 The Voice
10:00 Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris
Prediction: Voice - 12.9 million, 3.5/Best Time - 5.8 million, 1.8

8:00 Grandfathered #2 "Dad Face"

8:30 The Grinder #2 "A Hero Has Fallen"
9:00 Scream Queens #4 "Haunted House"
Prediction: Grandfathered - 4.5 million, 1.2/Grinder - 4.6 million, 1.3/Scream - 3.1 million, 1.2

Monday, October 5, 2015

THE RUNDOWN: Monday, October 5

Week 3 begins on Monday night and it has been a rough couple Mondays to start the season. Most interesting to watch will be week three of Blindspot - will the slipping continue? It has a good second week lift in DVR but the raw numbers were a bit more troubling. Life in Pieces is already hovering around 50% retention and another week like that, especially if it brings down Scorpion, could get it yanked. Gotham was one of the few shows to hold in week two on Mondays, will that continue for a third week?

8:00 Dancing with the Stars
10:00 Castle #154 "PhDead"
Prediction: Dancing - 11.4 million, 1.8/Castle - 7.0 million, 1.3

8:00 The Big Bang Theory #186 "The Bachelor Party Corrosion"
8:30 Life in Pieces #3 "Sleepy Email Brunch Tree"
9:00 Scorpion #25 "Fish Filet"
10:00 NCIS: Los Angeles #147 "Driving Miss Diaz"
Prediction: Big Bang - 14.8 million, 3.6/Pieces - 7.6 million, 1.7/Scorpion - 9.2 million, 1.7/Los Angeles - 7.5 million, 1.2

8:00 The Voice
10:00 Blindspot #3 "Eight Slim Grins"
Prediction: Voice - 11.9 million, 3.2/Blindspot - 8.3 million, 2.3

8:00 Gotham #25 "Rise of the Villains: The Last Laugh"
9:00 Minority Report #3 "Hawk-Eye"
Prediction: Gotham - 4.5 million, 1.5/Minority - 2.3 million, 0.8

Sunday, October 4, 2015


8:00 College Football
Viewers: 7.2 million, 18-49 demo: 2.4

8:00 NCIS: New Orleans (Repeat)
Viewers: 4.0 million, 18-49 demo: 0.5
9:00 Code Black (Repeat)
Viewers: 3.4 million, 18-49 demo: 0.6
10:00 48 Hours
Viewers: 4.5 million, 18-49 demo: 0.7

8:00 Live from New York!
Viewers: 2.7 million, 18-49 demo: 0.6
10:00 Saturday Night Live (Repeat)
Viewers: 3.4 million, 18-49 demo: 0.8

8:00 College Football
Viewers: 1.4 million, 18-49 demo: 0.4