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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

CANCELLATION ALERT: Sleepy Hollow, Rosewood

FOX announced the cancellation of two veteran dramas today. Sleepy Hollow was cancelled after four seasons and Rosewood after two. Sleepy Hollow was hot out of the gate in Fall 2013 with its crazy, buzzy first season. But after a long hiatus before season two, it could never get its mojo back and it limped along. It underwent a creative reboot for this season but was banished to Fridays and so far off the buzz meter by then. Rosewood got the prime pre-Empire slot last season and did quite well for awhile leading into TV's top show at the time. But this year, it was given a Thursday lead-off slot and it didn't do well at all before being banished to Fridays alongside Sleepy Hollow.

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