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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

THE RUNDOWN: Tuesday, February 21

Tuesday night has regular lineups across the board. NBC has the last scheduled airing of The Wall because The Voice is coming back but we could still see The Wall before next season, perhaps in late spring or summer. Valentine's Day did not cause major drops but we could still see a couple shows like This is Us or Fresh Off the Boat swing back up from last week's small drops.

8:00 The Middle #183 "Dental Hijinks"
8:30 American Housewife #15 "The Man Date"
9:00 Fresh Off the Boat #51 "The Gloves are Off"
9:30 The Real O'Neals #26 "The Real Confirmation"
10:00 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #81 "Self Control"

8:00 NCIS #322 "A Many Splendored Thing"
9:00 Bull #15 "What's Your Number?"
10:00 NCIS: New Orleans #62 "End of the Line"

8:00 The Wall
9:00 This is Us #16 "Memphis"
10:00 Chicago Fire #106 "Purgatory"

8:00 New Girl #133 "Rumspringa"

8:30 The Mick #10 "The Baggage"
9:00 Bones #242 "The Grief and the Girl"

8:00 The Flash #59 "Attack on Gorilla City"
9:00 DC's Legends of Tomorrow #28 "Camelot/3000"

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