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Monday, October 10, 2016

THE RUNDOWN: Monday, October 10

Monday night has two season premieres. Most interesting to watch will be the CW premiere of Supergirl. After a hot start, it had an OK run on CBS last year but its CBS ratings would put it at the top of the CW. The question is how many viewers will follow it to the network, which is airing it in the same timeslot as CBS. After weak premieres for No Tomorrow and Frequency, this needs to do well for the CW. Elsewhere, CBS has a one hour premiere of 2 Broke Girls as it slowly starts unrolling the rest of its comedy lineup for the next couple weeks. This show has been moved around so much but it's back on Mondays now so we'll see how it does back as an anchor again. Also interesting to watch will be week two of Timeless, which had an underwhelming but not disastrous premiere last week. It doesn't seem like Conviction can do anything to save itself in week two, but we'll see.

8:00 Dancing with the Stars
10:00 Conviction #2 "Bridge and Tunnel Vision"

8:00 The Big Bang Theory #211 "The Cohabitation Experimentation"
8:30 Kevin Can Wait #4 "Kevin and Donna's Book Club"
9:00 2 Broke Girls #117/118 "And the Two Openings" (Season Premiere)
10:00 Scorpion #49 "It Isn't the Fall That Kills You"

8:00 The Voice

10:00 Timeless #2 "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln"

8:00 Gotham #48 "New Day Rising"
9:00 Lucifer #16 "Sin-Eater"

8:00 Supergirl #21 "The Adventures of Supergirl" (Season Premiere)
9:00 No Tomrorow (REPEAT)

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