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Sunday, September 18, 2016

FALL PREVIEW 2016: In Summary

I hope you enjoyed this week's Fall Preview! Check back regularly this week for pilot reviews & ratings from Week 1!

Here are my predictions for this season. Last year was not my best year for predicting. I correctly guessed that Supergirl, Blindspot, Chicago Med, and Scream Queens would get renewed but I was too optimistic on The Muppets, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris, Grandfathered, and Minority Report. I correctly predicted that Blood & Oil, Wicked City, Angel From Hell, Limitless, Heroes: Reborn, The Player, Truth Be Told, and The Grinder would be cancelled but I mistakenly thought Dr. Ken, Quantico, Code Black, Life in Pieces, and Rosewood would also join that list.

This year is a tough year to predict. I think there are very few sure bets & very few sure flops. Instead, there's a ton of shows that I think could go either way. There's also the fewest fall shows premiering since I started this blog. So, I don't feel too confident about these guesses but here we go!

Shows I Think Will Make it to Season 2
Conviction (ABC)
Speechless (ABC)
Designated Survivor (ABC)
Kevin Can Wait (CBS)
Bull (CBS)
The Great Indoors (CBS)
This is Us (NBC)
Lethal Weapon (FOX)
No Tomorrow (CW)

Shows I Think Will Get Cancelled
American Housewife (ABC)
Notorious (ABC)
Man With a Plan (CBS)
Pure Genius (CBS)
MacGyver (CBS)
Timeless (NBC)
The Good Place (NBC)
Pitch (FOX)
The Exorcist (FOX)
Son of Zorn (FOX)
Frequency (CW)

Finally, the top 5 shows I'm most excited for. There's a lot of shows here that I'm hopeful and more than usual that I think really could be good. Of the five I picked last year, I didn't end up sticking with any of them but then again, the only two fall shows I watched all the way through last season were Grandfathered, Chicago Med, and Life in Pieces.

Close Calls: Bull (CBS), Timeless (NBC), and Frequency (CW)

5) Conviction (ABC)
I'm pretty hopeful about this new ABC procedural drama. I really liked Hayley Atwell but didn't like Agent Carter. I think this looks like it could be my kind of show with a nice blend of case of the week stories and a larger story.

4) Speechless (ABC)
Working in the special ed field, this has me really intrigued. ABC has been great about making comedies about families that haven't had a lot of exposure on TV and this may be their biggest swing yet down that road. I'm curious to see how it tells these stories in a comedic way.

3) This is Us (NBC)
One of the most buzzed about new shows, the reviews have been glowingly comparing it to Parenthood, which I love. So I'm hopeful that this lives up to the expectations of many and I'm curious to see what this "twist" is that everyone keeps talking about.

2) Pitch (FOX)
From the same creator as This is Us, I'm even more excited about Pitch. I think this looks like an amazing concept and the lead seems really promising. I'm really hopeful this gets a chance in a tough timeslot.

1) Designated Survivor (ABC)
I have been excited about this ever since I first read the plot and about Kiefer Sutherland's involvement. I got even more excited when I saw the trailer. It is a fantastic concept and I hope it doesn't disappoint or get too convoluted because it look like it could be a great show.

At midseason, I am excited for Downward Dog (ABC), Chicago Justice (NBC), Trial & Error (NBC), Making History (FOX), and Shots Fired (FOX)

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