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Friday, May 20, 2016

QUICK HITS: Ranking of the Trailers

Here is my snap judgment of the new shows based on their trailers. Of course not all trailers are available (NBC's entire midseason) but of the ones that are available, here's my favorite to least favorite!

1. Designated Survivor (ABC, Wednesdays 10pm) - Looks gripping and fascinating. Love the premise.

2. Making History (FOX, Midseason) - I didn't expect to like this but I thought it was the funniest comedy trailer.

3. Pitch (FOX, Midseason) - Love the concept, looks like it has the potential to be a beautiful character drama.

4. This is Us (NBC, Tuesdays 9pm) - Same creator as Pitch and you can tell. This has been a huge hit on the internet in the past couple days and I can see why.

5. Speechless (ABC, Wednesdays 8:30pm) - I didn't think this seemed very funny but I am fascinated by the premise.

6. Bull (CBS, Tuesdays 9pm) - Another interesting premise, Michael Weatherly looks great in this.

7. Shots Fired (FOX, Midseason) - All star cast and a potentially rich story.

8. Conviction (ABC, Mondays 10pm) - Seems like the perfect new foray into procedurals for ABC. Hayley Atwell looks strong.

9. Downward Dog (ABC, Midseason) - So so odd but I bought the concept and want to see more.

10. The Great Indoors (CBS, Thursdays 8:30pm) - Another one that caught me off guard but I thought the characters seemed strong and it's a good premise.

11. Star (FOX, Midseason) - I liked Empire at first but this seems like it might be more type of show.

12. Pure Genius (CBS, Thursdays 10pm) - I was left wanting to see more of this one though I'm not quite sure what to make of it yet.

13. Timeless (NBC, Mondays 10pm) - I liked the trailer but I wasn't completely sold on the mythology for this show.

14. A.P.B. (FOX, Midseason) - This seems a lot like Pure Genius with cops and it didn't look quite as interesting.

15. Man With a Plan (CBS, Mondays 8:30pm) - I didn't cringe as much as some. I thought Matt LeBlanc had some good moments in the trailer.

16. The Good Place (NBC, Thursdays 8:30pm) - I didn't enjoy this trailer very much but it's as high as it is because I can't imagine a show with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson from the Parks and Rec people could be bad.

17. Son of Zorn (FOX, Sundays 8:30pm) - It's so weird but I'm at least intrigued by this.

18. American Housewife (ABC, Tuesdays 8:30pm) - I wasn't sold on this but warmed up to the trailer as it went on so it may win me over.

19. The Mick (FOX, Midseason) - Had a funny moment or two but doesn't seem like my type of show.

20. Time After Time (ABC, Midseason) - I didn't really buy this premise and the trailer was completely uninteresting to me.

21. Still Star-Crossed (ABC, Midseason) - This could be a great show for fans of this type, but it's not my type of show.

22. The Exorcist (FOX, Fridays 9pm) - I'm not really into horror but I think it is a good fit for Fridays at 9pm.

23. Notorious (ABC, Thursdays 9pm) - I hope this is better than the trailer looked but I didn't like it at all at first glance.

24. Kevin Can Wait (CBS, Mondays 8pm) - I'm not a Kevin James fan so that should tell you all you need to know about my feelings here.

25. Imaginary Mary (ABC, Midseason) - I'm also not a Jenna Elfman fan and this comedy seems by far the weakest of the new ABC comedies.

26. Lethal Weapon (FOX, Wednesdays 8pm) - Yawn.

27. Training Day (CBS, Midseason) - Even more yawn.

28. MacGyver (CBS, Fridays 8pm) - This is the opposite of what we need on TV.

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