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Saturday, May 14, 2016

CANCELLATION ALERT: Undateable, Heartbeat, Game of Silence, Crowded, Telenovela

NBC cleaned house today by cancelling five shows: Undateable, Heartbeat, Game of Silence, Crowded, and Telenovela.

Undateable was cancelled after three abridged seasons. It had a surprisingly sturdy summer run in 2014 and was then brought back for midseason in 2015. It was the only comedy renewed on NBC for the 2015-16 with the unique, some might say gimmicky, concept of airing live episodes on Friday nights. It was fairly steady and probably not a complete disaster all things considered, but it didn't get the buzz or ratings necessary to get a fourth season.

The other four shows were all freshmen who got a preview after The Voice but couldn't hack it in their regular timeslots. Heartbeat got benched from a fall slot and the conditions were far less favorable when it finally premiered in late March. Game of Silence was completely ignored on Thursdays. Crowded has been quiet on Sundays and always had a worse chance than its still-bubble companion The Carmichael Show. Telenovela paled in comparison to surprise winter success story Superstore.

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