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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

THE RUNDOWN: Tuesday, April 12

Tuesday night has a lot of repeats but NBC is all new with a two hour The Voice leading into yet another preview. This time, it is Game of Silence, which will take over the Thursday 10pm slot later this week. It should get an OK sampling because I think The Voice will have a good night against mostly repeats. FOX is mostly new but won't make much of an impact.

8:00 Fresh Off the Boat (REPEAT)
8:30 The Real O'Neals (REPEAT)
9:00 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #60 "Paradise Lost"
10:00 Beyond the Tank
Prediction: Tank - 1.9 million, 0.5

8:00 NCIS: New Orleans (REPEAT)
10:00 NCIS: New Orleans (REPEAT)

8:00 The Voice
10:00 Game of Silence (SERIES PREMIERE)
Prediction: Voice - 12.0 million, 2.7/Silence - 6.9 million, 1.7

8:00 New Girl #108 "300 Feet"
8:30 Grandfathered (REPEAT)
9:00 Brooklyn Nine-Nine #67 "Bureau"

9:30 The Grinder #19 "A System on Trial"
Prediction: Girl - 2.4 million, 1.0/Brooklyn - 2.2 million, 0.9/Grinder - 1.7 million, 0.6

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