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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

THE RUNDOWN: Tuesday, December 8

Tuesday night has a mix of new episodes and repeats. CBS is in repeats followed by the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which always does decently. NBC should have another good week with its strong Tuesday trio. ABC will be soft from 8-10pm and then has a Shark Tank repeat. FOX has the final two episodes of the season of Scream Queens. Its ratings have been minuscule and it will go out quietly but I wouldn't count it totally out of renewal conversation thanks to decent performances in other viewing platforms.

8:00 The Muppets #10 "Single All the Way"
8:30 Fresh Off the Boat #23 "The Real Santa"
9:00 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #54 "Maveth"

10:00 Shark Tank (REPEAT)
Prediction: Muppets - 3.4 million, 1.0/Boat - 3.5 million, 1.2/Marvel - 3.6 million, 1.3

9:00 NCIS: New Orleans (REPEAT)

10:00 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (SPECIAL)

8:00 The Voice
9:00 Chicago Med #4 "Mistaken"
10:00 Chicago Fire #78 "Short and Fat"
Prediction: Voice - 12.9 million, 2.9/Med - 9.8 million, 2.1/Fire - 8.6 million, 1.9

8:00 Scream Queens #12 "Dorkus"
9:00 Scream Queens #13 "The Final Girl(s)" (Season Finale)
Prediction: Scream - 2.5 million, 0.9

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