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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Here is the December Freshman Scorecard. As always, these shows are ranked by network from best to worst chance for survival. Premiering this month are The Great Holiday Baking Show (ABC), Superstore (NBC) (both shows premiered last night but this scorecard was finished before getting their ratings), and Telenovela (NBC, December 6). Premiering in January are Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life (FOX, January 3), Bordertown (FOX, January 3), Bachelor Live (ABC, January 4), My Diet is Better Than Yours (ABC, January 7), Angel From Hell (CBS, January 7), Shades of Blue (NBC, January 7), Second Chance (FOX, January 13), The X-Files (FOX, January 24), Lucifer (FOX, January 25), and You, Me, and the End of the World (NBC, January 28).

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Dr. Ken - Still performing quite admirably on Friday. It has been one of the biggest surprises this season in my opinion. 85%

Quantico - The same day ratings keep dropping but it still has at least a little buzz and the DVR viewing is strong. I'm leaning more on the side of this getting another year. 70%

The Muppets - It's being retooled for a spring run which shows ABC hasn't given up on it. I think they want the brand but if this retooling doesn't work, it could be done. 50%

Blood & Oil - Episode order cut means an unofficial cancellation. 1%

Wicked City - Cancelled. So far the only official cancellation though there are many unofficial ones.


Supergirl - It received an order for 7 more episodes to bring its total to 20, but it has been a disappointment after its hot start. This is the type of brand CBS wants to have though and its veteran dramas aren't doing much better so I still like its chances. 75%

Limitless - CBS still seems pretty high on this show but it's not really doing anything special. It has at least been consistent. 70%

Life in Pieces - I still think this is being a huge underperformer but CBS gave it a full season and its going to get to stay behind The Big Bang Theory so it still seems to be a priority. All these three CBS shows are a bit of a toss-up for me. 50%

Code Black - It got five extra episodes and has been remarkably consistent, but its season is ending before March and that's always a bad sign. 25%


Blindspot - Already renewed for 2016-17.

Chicago Med - Off to a great start with good retention of The Voice. We'll see what happens in January and February when it doesn't have a great lead-in but so far it looks like another successful entry in the Chicago franchise. 90%

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris - I'm still betting this comes back in one way or another, but probably not as a regular in-season show. 60%

Heroes: Reborn - It has stabilized but I don't see it having enough momentum to get anything more. 20%

Truth Be Told/The Player - As already mentioned, episode order cut means an unofficial cancellation. 1%


Rosewood - The best of FOX's sorry state of new shows is still likely getting help from Empire and we'll find out in the spring how it does without it. By sheer lack of new shows, it still has an OK chance. 60%

Grandfathered - I leapfrogged this back over The Grinder because it has held on better and it has a more favorable midseason schedule placement. Still don't love its chances for a season two. 30%

The Grinder - It got a full season but it also got a 0.7 demo this week. This is one of those shows where the full season is the win. 15%

Scream Queens - With ever decreasing numbers, I'm not convinced the online support for this show will truly mean a second season, at least on FOX. This could be a show that gets picked up on an online venue. 10%

Minority Report - Once more, episode order cut means unofficial cancellation. 1%

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