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Friday, May 8, 2015

QUICK HITS: May 8, 2015

Here are some pre-upfront quick hits I have related mostly to the schedule and some updated thoughts/predictions

The comedy and drama I'm most excited about on each network:
ABC: The Muppets and Wicked City (close call: the Untitled Pate & Fishburne Project)
CBS: Life in Pieces and Code Black
NBC: Crowded and Emerald City
FOX: The Grinder and Scream Queens

Without Seeing Any Pilots, the Ones I Wish They Hadn't Passed On are:
ABC: The King of 7B, Untitled Judah Miller
CBS: For Justice
NBC: Strange Calls, The Player (both could still get picked up)
FOX: Studio City (could still get picked up), Fantasy Life

Some Quick Scheduling Thoughts:

- No way ABC goes with two hours of comedy on Tuesday considering how few they picked up. The question is how will they slot the ones they have? Does The Middle move?

- On FOX, I think Frankenstein or Lucifer goes after Gotham and the other possibly after Scream Queens.

- I think Limitless or Rush Hour will air after Scorpion on CBS Monday night. They are also both contenders for the post-Super Bowl slot as is Supergirl

- I'm thinking FOX is going to keep Empire at 9pm since they didn't pick up Studio City, at least for now.

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