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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

THE RUNDOWN: Tuesday, March 31

Tuesday night has a series premiere with FOX's Weird Loners. There have been some surprising series premiere numbers this weekend but I don't think this will be one of them with a sure to be low rated lead-in in New Girl. Elsewhere, CBS has a mini-series with the Biblical-era The Dovekeepers. It might surprise with recent basketball promotion and it being Easter week but I also could see it tanking. I really don't know what to expect as mini-series movies aren't common anymore (NBC bombed with their Rosemary's Baby reboot last year). ABC and NBC are new except for Chicago Fire and should be close to last week.

8:00 Fresh Off the Boat #10 "Blind Spot"
8:30 Repeat After Me
9:00 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #37 "One Door Closes"
10:00 Forever #19 "Punk is Dead"
Prediction: Boat - 5.0 million, 1.5/Repeat - 3.8 million, 1.1/Marvel - 4.4 million, 1.5/Forever - 4.2 million, 0.9

8:00 NCIS #277 "Patience"
9:00 MOVIE: The Dovekeepers Part 1
Prediction: NCIS - 16.5 million, 2.3

8:00 The Voice
9:00 Undateable #16 "Why Did the Chicken Loser Cross the Road?"
9:30 One Big Happy #3 "Crushing It"
10:00 Chicago Fire #51 "The Nuclear Option" (REPEAT)
Prediction: Voice - 11.3 million, 2.8/Undateable - 5.1 million, 1.5/Happy - 3.5 million, 1.1

8:00 Hell's Kitchen
9:00 New Girl #91 "The Right Thing"
9:30 Weird Loners #1 "Weird Pilot" (SERIES PREMIERE)
Prediction: Hell's - 3.7 million, 1.3/Girl - 2.8 million, 1.3/Weird - 2.6 million, 1.2

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