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Thursday, March 19, 2015

THE RUNDOWN: Thursday, March 19

Thursday night has the CBS lineup sitting out thanks to Day 1 of the March Madness tournament. While that always means good ratings for basketball, the spread across so many networks means CBS will only get one small piece of the pie and that should help the competitors rise or at least hold steady.

8:00 Grey's Anatomy #236 "Don't Dream It's Over"
9:00 Scandal #63 "It's Good to Be Kink"
10:00 American Crime #3 "Episode Three"
Prediction: Grey's - 7.6 million, 2.2/Scandal - 8.8 million, 2.9/Crime - 5.5 million, 1.4

8:00 NCAA Basketball Tournament

8:00 Dateline NBC: Robert Durst Special
9:00 The Blacklist #38 "Tom Keen"
10:00 The Slap #6 "Aisha"
Prediction: Blacklist - 7.8 million, 1.7/Slap - 3.2 million, 0.7

8:00 American Idol
Prediction: Idol - 8.9 million, 1.9

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