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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

PILOT REVIEW: The Last Man on Earth


Starring: Will Forte and Kristen Schaal

Created by Will Forte
Written by Will Forte, Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller

THE PREMISE: The Last Man on Earth is an interesting new series with a premise that is clear in the title. After a mysterious "virus" in 2019, everyone has died. Everyone except for Phil Miller (Will Forte), that is. He spends his days amusing himself and looking for any other possible survivors. He finally finds one in Carol Pilbasian (Kristen Schaal), but they get on each other's nerves quickly.

THE GOOD: I don't think I gave this show enough credit and I wasn't interested enough in the premise before watching, but that was a mistake. It is incredibly innovative and unlike anything else on TV right now. It is very funny but it also has some interesting social commentary about companionship. It seemed like a niche show but it has some broadly funny moments (using the gun to shoot open an abandoned store). While there are some plot points that I have questions about (what happened to all the bodies?), the show is pretty committed to the world it has created. Finally, Will Forte is pretty fantastic in the lead role. Believable, endearing, pathetic, etc. He does it all here.

THE BAD: I actually liked this episode better before the Kristen Schaal character was introduced. That's nothing against Schaal and I recognize the show needs to move forward with stories. That being said, it was just so fascinating when it was just Forte. I don't think I would ultimately want to watch a show like that, I just wanted more of it than we got. That's really all I can complain about. This was a pleasant surprise.

BOTTOM LINE: I'm usually a fan of shows that are unlike anything currently on TV because that's harder and harder to do with the number of shows and stations we have. This is truly unlike anything we have on TV. It is a show with a clear vision and strong execution. I will be back for more as the premise was far more interesting in execution than in writing.

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