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Sunday, January 4, 2015


Here is the January scorecard. As always, these are ranked by network for best to worst chance survival. By the February scorecard, I'll be able to add ABC's Galavant and Agent Carter and FOX's Empire, World's Funniest Fails, and Backstrom.

Past January scorecards: 2014   2013   2012   2011


How to Get Away with Murder - A sure thing to come back seeing that it's one of TV's top new shows both in terms of ratings and buzz. 99%

Black-ish - Continuing to fit in perfectly on Wednesday. A sure thing to come back. 99%

Forever - Not impressive but it has stabilized recently. It'll be interesting to see if it's any more compatible with Agent Carter than it was with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 20%

Cristela - On the other hand, Cristela seems to keep sinking. It seems likely that ABC will try to find yet another comedy to pair with Last Man Standing unless things improve quickly. 15%

Selfie/Manhattan Love Story - Cancelled.


NCIS: New Orleans - A sure thing to come back and a likely syndication cash cow. 99%

Scorpion - Having Mike & Molly replace The Millers as its lead-in has helped stabilize this show after a couple drops. It's still being quite impressive for a freshmen drama. 90%

Madam Secretary - It's a slam dunk renewal right now. The big question is how will it hold up when CBS doesn't have the NFL all day on Sundays? We'll find out soon! 80%

The McCarthys - The bad news is it's season is ending in February, never a good sign. The good news is it had two solid performances right before Christmas. It's not looking good but I wouldn't completely rule it out especially with Two and a Half Men ending and The Odd Couple a wildcard. 30%

- Also ending its season early, and CBS has many more dramas in stock compared to comedies. I don't see a scenario where this comes back. 20%


The Mysteries of Laura - It's definitely benefiting from being the only NBC freshman that's shown any pulse. It has a chance, depending on how things go at midseason. NBC might choose to keep that Wednesday lineup in tact. 55%

State of Affairs - It's showing right before Christmas without a lead-in from The Voice was a sign of things to come. I think this show will seal its shaky fate between now and its season finale in February. 20%

Marry Me - Another show that's going to die without a lead-in from The Voice, and it wasn't even doing well with that lead-in. It's a goner. 15%

Constantine - Moving to 8pm in January for a couple weeks, and that should be the final nail in the coffin. 10%

Bad Judge/A to Z - Cancelled.


Gotham - A sure thing to come back no matter what happens to it because FOX is in such dire shape and I don't think it'll go much better for them in the spring. 99%

Red Band Society/Mulaney - As close to cancellation as it can get without being officially announced. 1%

Utopia/Gracepoint - Cancelled

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