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Sunday, November 2, 2014


The Utopia experiment is over for FOX. Their big budget reality show has been cancelled about a month after getting cut to Fridays only. The show premiered after the first NFL Sunday to pretty low numbers and then things instantly fell apart when it went to its regular Tuesday and Friday airings. Before the regular season even started, it was below a 1.0 demo and then it went as low as a 0.5 demo on Friday night. FOX benched it to Fridays only where I thought they might let it run out but that will not be the case. It is pulled immediately, including the live online stream. It will be replaced with repeats of Masterchef Junior starting this Friday.

All new FOX shows besides Gotham are in trouble. Mulaney and Gracepoint are nearly as close to death as Utopia was while Red Band Society is hanging on for now. It has been a miserable season for FOX and I don't see it getting better with uninspiring midseason offerings waiting in the wings.

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