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Sunday, April 27, 2014

WEEKEND REWIND: CBS 2004-05 Season

CBS 2004-05
CBS was getting a couple hits each season and they struck it big time in 2003-04 with smash hit Two and a Half Men as well as steady (and now huge) drama NCIS. They also had a critical smash in Joan of Arcadia and another new reliable procedural in Cold Case. The 2004-05 season saw the end of family sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, which had been the top comedy on CBS for nearly a decade. It also launched a new CSI into the crime drama family. However, as a whole, the 2004-05 season was a weak one for new shows. CBS had so many existing hits though, they could afford a down year.

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8:00 Still Standing
8:30 Listen Up!
9:00 Everybody Loves Raymond
9:30 Two and a Half Men
10:00 CSI: Miami
"Listen Up!"
For a third straight year, the Monday lineup stayed the same all season though it was different from the previous season. Yes, Dear was gone from the night as Still Standing moved up to 8pm. The new 8:30pm entry was Listen Up! Jason Alexander's second post-Seinfeld sitcom featured him as a sportscaster based on Tony Kornheiser from ESPN's popular Pardon the Interruption. His on-air foil was played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner and the show also focused on his family. The show was a solid performer and lasted the whole season but didn't live to see a second season. 9pm was the final year for Everybody Loves Raymond. It only had a 16 episode order as Ray Romano was certainly ready to be done. CBS dealt with that through more repeats (a "best of Raymond" run in the spring) and occasionally testing Two and a Half Men out in the 9pm slot. Men was blossoming at 9:30pm and being groomed to take over for Raymond. When Raymond ended in May after nine seasons, it had 32 million viewers watching the finale, possibly the last "huge" numbers we'll ever see for a series finale. CSI: Miami continued to chug along at 10pm.

(Sep 28-Oct 26)
8:00 NCIS
9:00 Clubhouse (through Oct 19)
10:00 Judging Amy

(Nov 16-May 10)
8:00 NCIS
9:00 The Amazing Race
10:00 Judging Amy (Nov 23-May 3)
Tuesday nights continued to book-ended by NCIS and Judging Amy. NCIS was picking up viewers in its second season while Judging Amy was not as strong in the ratings as it had been. Despite still decent numbers and continued critical acclaim, Amy was cancelled by CBS at the end of the season after six years to the ire of its fans. The 9pm hour started with Clubhouse, a gentle sports and family drama starring Dean Cain, Christopher Lloyd, and Jeremy Sumpter. The show was a pre-Friday Night Lights drama and couldn't capture viewers mixed between two procedurals. It lasted a mere five episodes (and only three in its regular Tuesday slot). It was replaced by The Amazing Race, which was rushed to air and then aired two editions almost back to back. The show had been relegated to summer the season before but it came in as a pinch hitter and has never left the regular season since.

(Sep 29-Feb 9)
8:00 60 Minutes II
9:00 The King of Queens (starting Oct 27)
9:30 Center of the Universe (Oct 27-Jan 19)
10:00 CSI: NY

(Feb 16-May 18)
8:00 60 Minutes II
9:00 The King of Queens
9:30 Yes, Dear
10:00 CSI: NY
Wednesday nights were stabilized in the 10pm hour thanks to the latest CSI spinoff. CSI: NY starred Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes. It wasn't nearly as big as the original CSI or CSI: Miami but it was another strong procedural in the CBS wheelhouse and had a nice, long run. 60 Minutes II continued at 8pm but was cancelled at the end of the season as CBS decided to focus all its newsmagazine efforts on the original 60 Minutes. The 9pm hour was a comedy block again, though it didn't start until the end of October, perhaps to give CSI: NY a more comfortable start with crime drama repeats. The King of Queens continued to air at 9pm. It carved out a decent presence on Wednesdays, but was pressed back into service on Mondays the following season with Raymond ending. This season, it was first paired with Center of the Universe, a family sitcom that brought John Goodman back to TV after Roseanne and the short-lived Normal, Ohio. The all-star cast also featured Jean Smart, Olympia Dukakis, and Ed Asner. However, it couldn't hold enough of the King of Queens audience and CBS had a trusty veteran in Yes, Dear sitting on the bench. Center of the Universe was cancelled after 10 episodes.

(Sep 23-Dec 9)
8:00 Survivor
9:00 CSI
10:00 Without a Trace

(Dec 16-Feb 10)
8:00 Wickedly Perfect (Jan 6-20)
9:00 CSI
10:00 Without a Trace

(Feb 17-May 19)
8:00 Survivor (through May 12)
9:00 CSI
10:00 Without a Trace
"Wickedly Perfect"
For most of the 2004-05 season, the Thursday night lineup remained Survivor-CSI-Without a Trace. CBS' most reliable and complete lineup helped them dominate Thursdays now that Friends was gone from NBC. As usual, Survivor took a short hiatus in the winter between editions. That spot was briefly filled by Wickedly Perfect, a new reality show looking for the next "domestic diva" along the lines of Martha Stewart. Hosted by Joan Lunden, the show couldn't even last the full Survivor hiatus, and was burned off on Saturdays for the rest of its run.

(Sep 24-Jan 21)
8:00 Joan of Arcadia
9:00 JAG
10:00 Dr. Vegas (through Oct 29)

(Jan 28-May 13)
8:00 Joan of Arcadia (through Apr 22)
9:00 JAG (through Apr 29)
10:00 Numb3rs
Friday night started with two dramas that ended after the 2004-05 season. First up was Joan of Arcadia in just its second season. Despite critical raves and Emmy nominations for Drama Series and Lead Actress, Joan lost viewers and momentum in its second season, and was cancelled at the end of the season. Joining the cancellation heap was JAG after 10 years, nine on CBS. The show was always a steady performer but never a mammoth hit for CBS. One of its biggest accomplishments was spinning off the hit NCIS and proving NBC wrong for cancelling it after one season back in 1996. The 10pm slot started with Dr. Vegas, a medical drama starring Rob Lowe. The show lasted all of five episodes on Friday nights before it was cancelled and replaced by various repeats for months. CBS found a more suitable show for Friday nights with Numb3rs. The procedural crime drama starred Rob Morrow, David Krumholtz, Judd Hirsch, and Peter MacNicol. It premiered after the AFC Championship Game on a Sunday night and delivered big numbers, then it had a solid but quiet run on Friday nights for several years.

8:00 Various Programming/The Will/Wickedly Perfect
9:00 Various Programming
10:00 48 Hours
CBS pretty much gave up on Saturday night starting in the 2004-05 season. They aired repeats of their dramas from 8-10pm for much of the season with 48 Hours at 10pm. For one night in January, CBS premiered reality show The Will, about families competing for a loved one's will. The universally panned show lasted all of one episode before getting cancelled. CBS also briefly aired a burnoff of Wickedly Perfect on Sundays.

7:00 60 Minutes
8:00 Cold Case
9:00 Sunday Night Movie
Sunday nights continued to be steady as can be with the lineup of 60 Minutes, Cold Case, and Sunday Night Movie. While past its heyday as CBS' best night in the 1980s and 1990s, this was still a solid lineup for the network. The movie was hit a little hard by ABC's sudden new hits of Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.

CBS 2004-05 Stats 

Shows in the Top 30
2. CSI
5. Survivor
7. CSI: Miami
8. Without a Trace
10. Everybody Loves Raymond
11. Two and a Half Men
17. Cold Case
19. Sunday Night Movie
21. CSI: NY
22. NCIS
25. The Amazing Race

Fall Shows Survival: 1/5 (20%)

Midseason Shows Survival: 1/3 (33%)

Total New Show Survival Rate: 2/8 (25%)

Cancelled/Ended Series
JAG (10 seasons)
Everybody Loves Raymond (9 seasons)
60 Minutes II (7 seasons)
Judging Amy (6 seasons)
Joan of Arcadia (2 seasons)
Listen Up/Dr. Vegas/Clubhouse/Center of the Universe/Wickedly Perfect/The Will (1 season)

Emmy Nominees & Winners (Major Categories)
Everybody Loves Raymond (WINNER, Outstanding Comedy Series)
Ray Romano, Everybody Loves Raymond (Nominee, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series)
Patricia Heaton, Everybody Loves Raymond (Nominee, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series)
Tyne Daly, Judging Amy (Nominee, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series)
Brad Garrett, Everybody Loves Raymond (WINNER, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series)
Peter Boyle, Everybody Loves Raymond (Nominee, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series)
Doris Roberts, Everybody Loves Raymond (WINNER, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series)
Conchata Ferrell, Two and a Half Men (Nominee, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series)
Holland Taylor, Two and a Half Men (Nominee, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series)   

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