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Sunday, March 2, 2014


8:00 Countdown to the Oscars
Viewers: 4.7 million, 18-49 demo: 1.0
9:00 Grey's Anatomy
Viewers: 9.4 million, 18-49 demo: 3.1
10:00 Scandal
Viewers: 9.3 million, 18-49 demo: 3.4

8:00 The Big Bang Theory
Viewers: 17.7 million, 18-49 demo: 5.0
8:30 The Millers
Viewers: 11.1 million, 18-49 demo: 2.7
9:00 Two and a Half Men
Viewers: 10.0 million, 18-49 demo: 2.5
9:30 The Crazy Ones
Viewers: 7.4 million, 18-49 demo: 1.9
10:00 Elementary
Viewers: 8.7 million, 18-49 demo: 1.6 

8:00 Community
Viewers: 2.6 million, 18-49 demo: 1.0
8:30 Parks and Recreation
Viewers: 2.5 million, 18-49 demo: 1.1
9:00 Hollywood Game Night
Viewers: 3.4 million, 18-49 demo: 1.2
10:00 Parenthood
Viewers: 3.6 million, 18-49 demo: 1.1 

8:00 American Idol
Viewers: 10.0 million, 18-49 demo: 2.4
9:00 Rake
Viewers: 3.5 million, 18-49 demo: 0.8 

ABC's Thursdays dramas took over two months off but they returned strong in what had to be a sigh of relief for ABC. After a low-rated Oscars special, Grey's Anatomy returned up a million viewers and four tenths in the demo for its best number since October 3 while Scandal was up a tenth in viewers and two tenths in the demo for its best performance since the season premiere. ABC needed some good news after new shows Mind Games and Mixology bombed and early indicators are that the split season for its dramas worked as Grey's and Scandal not only weren't hurt, but were maybe even helped by the break. On FOX, American Idol was up six tenths in viewers and even in the demo. I think it'll go lower than this in the weeks to come. At 9pm, Rake was down half a million viewers and two tenths in the demo for another series low. FOX should not be keeping this on the air.

CBS started things off with The Big Bang Theory up two tenths in viewers but down the same in the demo. At 8:30pm, The Millers was up four tenths in viewers and a tenth in the demo. This show is starting to look better especially with Mom and The Crazy Ones both below a 2 demo. Even though retention is still a big issue, I think CBS will give it a second season in a tougher timeslot. The swap of Two and a Half Men and The Crazy Ones seemed to be a good move after one week. Men was up a strong 1.7 million viewers and six tenths in the demo for its best number since the season premiere. This obviously shows that it's a better anchor and lead-out of The Millers than the more incompatible The Crazy Ones. Crazy moved to 9:30pm and was down a tenth in viewers but up two tenths in the demo. Things could have fallen apart at 9:30pm for this show, but that didn't really happen so that's a good thing. It may have hurt 10pm though as Elementary was down eight tenths in viewers and two tenths in the demo, tying a series low. Of course that could also have been due to Scandal.

NBC continued to bomb on Thursdays even with Sean Saves the World and The Michael J. Fox Show gone. However, everything was above a 1.0 demo, so that's a step in the right direction. At 8pm, Community was down four tenths in viewers and a tenth in the demo for a season low while Parks and Recreation was down half a million viewers and two tenths in the demo. At 9pm, the transplanted Hollywood Game Night hit a season low as its numbers were lower than what it was getting on Mondays. A 1.2 demo, however, is well above the 0.7 demo the cancelled Sean and Fox got before the Olympics. At 10pm, Parenthood was down seven tenths in viewers and two tenths in the demo for a series low. I'm still thinking it might come down to this and Revolution for a renewal and it's truly a toss-up. I'm sure both Parenthood and Elementary were not happy to see Scandal return to the hour.

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