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Thursday, January 2, 2014

THE RUNDOWN: Thursday, January 2

After the holiday season, Thursday has the return to some normalcy with ABC, CBS, and NBC all new including some premieres. ABC has the season premiere of reality show The Taste. I was surprised to see it get a renewal and I don't think it will do much in season two. It is paired with The Assets, a drama being billed as a mini-series. Now if this was a huge hit, I'm sure ABC would find a way to extend it, but I don't see that happening. In fact, I see it being a pretty weak replacement until Scandal returns at the end of February. Elsewhere, NBC has the season premiere of Community with two episodes. Last year, it came back to a strong premiere number but dropped from there. I don't think it'll come back as strong this year especially against CBS. The rest of the NBC and CBS lineups could be slightly up in the New Year as many people are still laying low and might be ready for some new TV to enjoy.

8:00 The Taste (Season Premiere)
10:00 The Assets #1 "My Name is Aldrich Ames" (SERIES PREMIERE)
Prediction: Taste - 4.8 million, 1.4/Assets - 4.2 million, 1.1

8:00 The Big Bang Theory #147 "The Hesitation Ramification"
8:30 The Millers #11 "Dear Diary"
9:00 The Crazy Ones #12 "The Face of a Winner"
9:30 Two and a Half Men #235 "Tazed in the Lady Nuts"
10:00 Elementary #36 "The Diabolical Kind"
Prediction: Big Bang - 19.2 million, 5.3/Millers - 11.3 million, 2.7/Crazy - 8.4 million, 2.1/Men - 8.8 million, 2.2/Elementary - 9.2 million, 1.9

8:00 Community #85 "Repilot" (Season Premiere)
8:30 Community #86 "Introduction to Teaching"
9:00 Sean Saves the World #10 "Sean the Fabulous"
9:30 The Michael J. Fox Show #12 "Party"
10:00 Parenthood #79 "Promises"
Prediction: Community - 4.8 million, 1.3/Sean - 3.5 million, 1.1/Fox - 3.2 million, 1.0/Parenthood - 4.2 million, 1.3

8:00 Sleepy Hollow #5 "John Doe" (REPEAT)
9:00 Bones #169 "El Carnicero en el Coche" (REPEAT)      

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