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Sunday, January 5, 2014

THE RUNDOWN: Sunday, January 5

Sunday night has lots of new episodes. FOX should be on top with the NFL Wildcard Playoffs at 7pm and that should power the animated lineup to season highs as it usually does during playoff time. Elsewhere, ABC has a special leading up to the season premiere of The Bachelor on Monday followed by new episodes of Revenge and Betrayal, which could return down. CBS has new episodes of The Good Wife and The Mentalist. People will be watching football on CBS earlier in the day but it's tough to tell if they'll show up later for the dramas or if no direct or indirect football lead-in will hurt them. Finally, NBC has a Dateline NBC and Jimmy Fallon special as he is now getting lots of promotion before he takes over The Tonight Show in mid February.

7:00 America's Funniest Home Videos
8:00 The Bachelor: Countdown to Juan Pablo (SPECIAL)
9:00 Revenge #55 "Homecoming"
10:00 Betrayal #11 "... The Karsten Way"
Prediction: Videos - 5.8 million, 1.4/Revenge - 5.8 million, 1.4/Betrayal - 3.2 million, 0.8

7:00 60 Minutes
8:00 Elementary #25 "Step Nine" (REPEAT)
9:00 The Good Wife #101 "Goliath and David"
10:00 The Mentalist #127 "White Lines"
Prediction: 60 Mins - 11.2 million, 1.9/Wife - 9.4 million, 1.5/Mentalist - 10.1 million, 1.6

7:00 Dateline NBC
9:00 Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (SPECIAL)

7:00 NFL Wildcard Playoffs
8:00 The Simpsons #539 "Steal This Episode"
8:30 Bob's Burgers #54 "Slumber Party"
9:00 Family Guy #219 "Peter Problems"
9:30 American Dad! #161 "Vision: Impossible"
Prediction: Simpsons - 9.3 million, 4.0/Burgers - 6.8 million, 2.7/Family - 7.0 million, 3.2/Dad - 6.5 million, 2.6    

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