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Sunday, January 12, 2014

THE RUNDOWN: Sunday, January 12

Check below this post for a review of Enlisted! Also, I hope to have the Weekend Rewind up today but I may not get to it until next week, we'll see!

Sunday night has a couple big events. NBC has The Golden Globe Awards. Last year, they were up to 19.7 million viewers and a 6.4 demo. I wouldn't be shocked to see this year go higher as people seem excited to have Tina Fey and Amy Poehler back as hosts. CBS has an NFL overrun into its 60 Minutes and drama block and that should help them rise. FOX will definitely fall without a direct NFL lead-in and ABC could be the odd network out as its crossover audience with the Globes is probably higher than CBS or FOX.

7:00 America's Funniest Home Videos
8:00 The Bachelor: Behind the Scenes (SPECIAL)
9:00 Revenge #56 "Endurance"
10:00 Betrayal #12 "Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth..."
Prediction: Videos - 5.9 million, 1.4/Revenge - 5.5 million, 1.4/Betrayal - 3.0 million, 0.6

7:00 NFL Football: San Diego at Denver
8:00 60 Minutes
9:00 The Good Wife #102 "We, the Juries"
10:00 The Mentalist #128 "The Golden Hammer"
Prediction: 60 Mins - 16.8 million, 3.5/Wife - 10.2 million, 1.6/Mentalist - 9.8 million, 1.5

7:00 2014 Golden Globes Arrival (SPECIAL)
8:00 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards (SPECIAL)

7:00 Bob's Burgers #25 "Bob Fires the Kids" (REPEAT)
7:30 American Dad! #153 "Steve and Snot's Test Tubular Adventure" (REPEAT)

8:00 The Simpsons #540 "Married to the Blob"
8:30 Bob's Burgers #55 "Presto Tina-o"
9:00 Family Guy #220 "Grimm Job"
9:30 American Dad! #162 "Familyland"
Prediction: Simpsons - 6.1 million, 2.6/Burgers - 5.4 million, 2.1/Family - 5.5 million, 2.4/Dad - 4.7 million, 2.3

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