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Monday, January 27, 2014

THE RUNDOWN: Monday, January 27

Monday has the time period premiere of The Following after its season premiere over a week ago. It will re-air the first episode of the season as a lead-in instead of Almost Human and I think it should do pretty well, maybe slightly above recent Sleepy Hollow numbers. Elsewhere, How I Met Your Mother is celebrating its 200th episode with a special episode that looks back at the Mother's journey. 200 episodes doesn't come around everyday so that's a big accomplishment for a series that was on the bubble yearly early in its run. NBC has the third and final episode of The Blacklist without The Voice as a lead-in and it could rise with Castle being a repeat.

8:00 The Bachelor
10:00 Castle #109 "Number One Fan" (REPEAT)
Prediction: Bachelor - 8.0 million, 2.3

8:00 How I Met Your Mother #200 "How Your Mother Met Me"
8:30 2 Broke Girls #63 "And the Icing On the Cake"
9:00 Mike & Molly #80 "Weekend at Peggy's"
9:30 Mom #15 "Fireballs and Bullet Holes"
10:00 Intelligence #4 "Secrets of the Secret Service"
Prediction: Mother - 9.4 million, 3.3/Girls - 9.2 million, 2.8/Mike&Molly - 9.2 million, 2.3/Mom - 8.4 million, 2.1/Intelligence - 5.5 million, 1.1

8:00 Hollywood Game Night
9:00 Hollywood Game Night
10:00 The Blacklist #13 "The Cyprus Agency"
Prediction: Hollywood 8:00 - 4.5 million, 1.2/Hollywood 9:00 - 4.4 million, 1.4/Blacklist - 9.1 million, 2.4

8:00 The Following #16 "Resurrection" (REPEAT)
9:00 The Following #17 "For Joe"
Prediction: Following - 8.4 million, 2.4       

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