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Sunday, January 5, 2014

QUICK HITS: Sunday, January 5

My Quick Thoughts on the Midseason Series with Announced Premiere Dates...

Intelligence (CBS, Jan 7) - This doesn't look like my cup of tea but it has a good cast so maybe it'll surprise me.
Killer Women (ABC, Jan 7) - I could see this being complete crap or I could see it being a guilty pleasure for me like Chase was a few years ago.
Chicago PD (NBC, Jan 8) - This and About a Boy are the two midseason shows I am most excited for. I hope it has the character quality of Chicago Fire mixed with intriguing police cases.
Enlisted (FOX, Jan 10) - I've never been a big fan of military sitcoms and I don't see myself getting attached to a show getting a death Friday slot.
Rake (FOX, Jan 23) - I sometimes like Greg Kinnear but this show hasn't looked very promising from the previews.
Mixology (ABC, Feb 26) - This looks like another niche comedy and I just don't see the high concept plot playing out well in a weekly series.
Resurrection (ABC, March 9) - This is my most anticipated drama besides Chicago PD. The promos look eerie and the plot is very interesting.
Mind Games (ABC, March 11) - I could see this being a pleasant surprise if it can be a nice hybrid between procedural and mythology. It's hard to really tell what it's going to be like.
Friends With Better Lives (CBS, March 31) - Will this be the next How I Met Your Mother? It's hard to tell but I thought it sounded like one of the more promising comedies during pilot season.

Does Anyone Else Feel Like... The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife are moving in opposite directions? When they premiered, I was somewhat disappointed with The Goldbergs while Trophy Wife was my favorite comedy pilot of the season this side of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. However, as the weeks have gone on, my opinions are evolving. The Goldbergs seems to be finding its voice and getting better with each passing episode. On the other hand, Trophy Wife has struggled to get its footing and I don't think the timing and writing has been quite as sharp on any episode since the pilot. I'm still glad it got a full season and there are elements I'm enjoying but it can't seem to quite put it all together like it did in the pilot.

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