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Saturday, December 7, 2013

GOOD WEEK/BAD WEEK: December 7, 2013

It has been a pretty wonderful week for NBC. On Monday, they had the always powerful The Voice and then The Blacklist scored its best numbers since September for its fall finale. On Tuesday, things were up across the board with Chicago Fire posting its best numbers since mid-October. On Wednesday, their annual combo of Christmas in Rockefeller Center and the SNL Christmas special led to a rare Wednesday win. The best news of all came on Thursday when The Sound of Music Live! shattered expectations with huge numbers that held up well throughout the entire three hour event. NBC is being smart about airing their regular specials and they're protecting their strongest shows. They made a gamble with Sound of Music but it paid off in a big way and will help NBC with its event programming since this production was getting tons of buzz in and out of TV circles. NBC still has problems (like their usual Wednesday and Thursday nights) but with the hot The Blacklist, an improving Chicago Fire, the always strong Sunday Night Football and The Voice, and a huge event win for The Sound of Music, NBC has had more things to smile about this season.

The last two weeks for FOX's Glee have been pretty miserable and a horrible fall for a show that was once one of the hottest on TV. It dipped to a 0.9 demo on Thanksgiving night - horrible but perhaps understandable. Then against NBC's The Sound of Music Live, it climbed only two tenths to a 1.1 demo and a mere 3.3 million viewers. You can make excuses like the holiday and the similar appeal on NBC drawing viewers away but the numbers are so low now it's a moot point. This show is dead but FOX renewed it for two more seasons last year meaning it's still coming back in 2014-15. It's not going to get any better, the show has been on a consistent downward trend since it broke out in the spring 2010 when the second half of its freshman season followed American Idol. It was once one of the most talked about shows on TV but how many people do you know still even watch it? This show's done, as is its lead-in The X Factor, and FOX should cut its losses with both shows.

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