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Monday, October 28, 2013

QUICK HITS: Monday, October 28

Well this is actually not so quick but here goes...

Choosing to Be Optimistic...
Studying broadcast TV ratings can often be depressing because of how they have dropped over the years but here's one reason to be optimistic. On ABC, CBS, and FOX - their top three new shows from this fall are outperforming their top three new shows from last fall at this point, respectively. Take a look:

New show demos through October 28 of both years:

2012 Nashville (2.3), The Neighbors (2.0), Last Resort (1.7)
2013 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (3.3), Super Fun Night (2.5), The Goldbergs (2.1)

2012 Elementary (2.5), Partners (2.1), Vegas (2.0)
2013 The Millers (3.1), The Crazy Ones (2.8), Mom (2.2)

2012 The Mindy Project (2.1), Ben and Kate (1.6), The Mob Doctor (1.2)
2013 Sleepy Hollow (3.0), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (1.7), Dads (1.5)

The only network without this trend is NBC:
2012 Revolution (3.4), Go On (2.8), The New Normal (2.0)
2013 The Blacklist (3.2), Dracula (1.8), The Michael J. Fox Show (1.5)

Veteran shows often decline but if networks can find successful new shows, that's a plus and each network has at least one new show to gloat about if not more.

Midseason Thoughts
FOX has announced midseason plans and NBC has announced a couple things. Here are my brief thoughts on FOX and what some other networks should consider:

FOX: I love that they are reducing the results show of American Idol to an half hour towards the end of the season. It's far overdue and should have been done with The X Factor as well. I think FOX should consider down the road building a comedy block with three comedies and the results shows of these reality franchises. I think it's smart to launch Rake after the NFC Championship Game. My biggest complaint is keeping The Mindy Project where it is. The show is a dud and can't even outrate the struggling 8pm comedies. Why did FOX give up on the promising Us & Them but this show continues to air?

ABC: ABC only has Suburgatory and Mixology on the bench as far as comedies go and their biggest problem is not any of their new comedies, it's The Neighbors. So I would at least extend, if not give full seasons, to all their new comedies. None are breaking out but all, even Trophy Wife, deserve a little bit more time. Suburgatory can replace The Neighbors on Friday and the others can stay put though ABC should really consider letting The Goldbergs or Trophy Wife have a chance after Modern Family. Mixology seems like a complete non-fit. I would either air it at the tail end of the season at 9:30pm Mondays after Dancing with the Stars or save it for summer. It's not going to fit with any other shows. As for the dramas, Resurrection should not go to Sundays at 10pm where it is sure to die. Slide Revenge back an hour and air it at 9pm. Also don't put any scripted drama on Thursdays at 8pm. Tuesdays at 10pm is tough too but that might be a slot for Killer Women. I would air Minds Games as a temporary replacement for either Nashville or Scandal when the shows have their winter hiatus. Probably Nashville because that slot needs more help in general. So basically this is what I would do:

8:00 The Bachelor (Jan)/Dancing with the Stars (Mar)
9:30 Mixology (late April)
10:00 Castle
8:00 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
9:00 The Goldbergs
9:30 Trophy Wife
10:00 Encores & Specials (Jan)/Killer Women (Mar)
8:00 The Middle
8:30 Back in the Game
9:00 Modern Family
9:30 Super Fun Night
10:00 Minds Games (Jan)/Nashville (Mar)
8:00 The Quest (Jan)/The Taste (Mar)
9:00 Grey's Anatomy
10:00 Scandal
8:00 Last Man Standing
8:30 Suburgatory
9:00 Shark Tank
10:00 20/20
7:00 America's Funniest Home Videos
8:00 Once Upon a Time
9:00 Revenge (Jan)/Resurrection (Mar)
10:00 Betrayal (Jan)/Revenge (Mar)

CBS: Hostages is obviously a goner and Intelligence is already slated to take its spot, that's fine. CBS doesn't have much else on the bench so there's not a ton to do but the biggest issues are finding a way to get new comedies Bad Teacher and Friends with Better Lives on the air. With How I Met Your Mother ending, CBS needs to try as many comedies as possible to get ready for next season. I think what makes the most sense is for 2 Broke Girls and The Millers to take a short hiatus and give these new shows a chance after their two biggest performers. I would also end The Good Wife's season early to make room for new drama Reckless. So this is what I would do:

8:00 How I Met Your Mother
8:30 Friends with Better Lives (Jan)/2 Broke Girls (Mar)
9:00 Mike & Molly
9:30 Mom
10:00 Hostages (Jan)/Intelligence (late Feb)
8:00 NCIS
9:00 NCIS: Los Angeles
10:00 Person of Interest
8:00 Comedy Repeats/Survivor (late Feb)
9:00 Criminal Minds
10:00 CSI
8:00 The Big Bang Theory
8:30 The Millers (Jan)/Bad Teacher (Mar)
9:00 The Crazy Ones
9:30 Two and a Half Men
10:00 Elementary
8:00 Undercover Boss
9:00 Hawaii Five-0
10:00 Blue Bloods
7:00 America's Funniest Home Videos
8:00 Specials (Jan)/The Amazing Race (late Feb)
9:00 The Good Wife (Jan)/Reckless (late Mar)
10:00 The Mentalist

NBC: NBC has the most interesting choices. I think they need to focus most of their energy on the post-Olympics time. With only about a month to kill until the Olympics in February, I would just air burnoffs and reality shows in January besides the already announced launch of Chicago PD. They also should focus mainly on dramas because that is where they're finding success. I would officially cut the Thursday comedy block to an hour and move The Biggest Loser to the 8pm slot. To do so, I would double up Community and Parks and Recreation and air them on Tuesdays as well so they can finish their episode order. So this is what I would do:

8:00 Reality Filler (Jan)/The Voice (late Feb)
10:00 The Blacklist
8:00 Community & Parks and Recreation (Jan)/The Voice (late Feb)
9:00 Hannibal (Jan)/About a Boy & The Family Guide (Mar)
10:00 Chicago Fire
8:00 Revolution (Jan)/The Night Shift (late Feb)
9:00 Law & Order: SVU
10:00 Chicago PD
8:00 Community & Parks and Recreation (Jan)/The Biggest Loser (late Feb)
9:00 The Michael J. Fox Show
9:30 Sean Saves the World (Jan)/Undateable (late Feb)
10:00 Parenthood
8:00 Dateline NBC
9:00 Grimm
10:00 Dracula/Crossbones (Mar)
Sunday (after Olympics)
7:00 Dateline NBC
8:00 Reality Show
9:00 Crisis
10:00 Believe

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