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Saturday, November 3, 2012

GOOD WEEK/BAD WEEK: 2012-13 Week 6

Check back later for a review of Malibu Country!

For another week, I have to laud The Big Bang Theory. In a bizarre week filled with preemptions and power outages, most shows were down and some were down a lot. That's what makes The Big Bang Theory's rise to a season high 5.2 demo even more impressive. Add in that ABC was much stronger than usual with the CMA Awards as competition and you can see what a beast Big Bang is. TV's top comedy kept growing throughout the winter last year. If that happens again this year, TV's top series demo for the year will be a runaway for the geeks of Big Bang.

There's a lot that can be forgotten as far as ratings go this week. Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath made for a very different first week of November Sweeps. That being said, The X Factor had the most troubling week. In its first week for live shows, it dropped to series lows. It is wilting more this fall as its overhaul has not worked and The Voice is the "it" show as far as reality competition goes. It's helped FOX in the fall but it's such a far cry from what FOX wanted this show to be.

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