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Saturday, November 17, 2012

CANCELLATION ALERT: Partners, Last Resort, 666 Park Avenue

It was Black Friday for the freshman shows as three newbies got the ax - CBS's comedy Partners and ABC's dramas Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue.

Partners became the second cancellation from CBS this year after Made in Jersey which is not good for them (by comparison, they gave a renewal or additional to episodes to all their fall freshmen two years ago). Partners has been a big problem in CBS's slipping Monday lineup. It struggled with a decent lead-in from How I Met Your Mother and many thought it might be bringing down 2 Broke Girls at 9pm, which is one of CBS's top comedy priorities. Partners will be yanked immediately and reruns will air in its place though the slot is eventually likely to go to Rules of Engagement or the new Friend Me.

ABC cancelled the critically acclaimed but low rated Last Resort. Airing in a slot that has doomed FlashForward, The Deep End, My Generation, Charlie's Angels, and Missing in recent years, Last Resort got off to a decent start with a 2.2 demo but the dropping started immediately and this week it was all the way down to a 1.2 demo. The serialized nature of the show made it hard for new viewers to catch on and some viewers, like me, got bored after a couple episodes and gave up despite the excellent pilot. ABC has said they will air all 13 episodes for fans who want to see it through.

An even more unsurprising cancellation came from 666 Park Avenue. The show was the third of ABC's night of Sunday dramas after second year hits Once Upon a Time and Revenge but it had a low 2.1 premiere (lower than Last Resort and with a 3.2 demo lead-in from Revenge). It dropped from there and pretty soon became a dead show walking. Despite the star power of some popular ABC stars from the past like Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams, the show couldn't really be "scary" and viewers didn't seem to care much for the campy show.

These three shows join Made in Jersey and Animal Practice on the cancellation list. With many shows having additional episodes or full seasons, the only freshmen that haven't gotten some type of extension or a cancellation are Malibu Country, which is likely to get some type of extension, and The Mob Doctor, which will certainly be yanked after the 13 episodes air.

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