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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

PILOT REVIEW: Who's Still Standing?


Hosted by Ben Bailey

Who's Still Standing is a new NBC game show airing for a week as a "four day holiday special." It is basically another twist on a standard trivia show. There is a contestant in the middle trying to win a million dollars but he first must battle 10 strangers who are trying to outlast them in a back and forth trivia contest.

THE GOOD: Um, it's harmless enough? Seriously there's nothing jaw droppingly bad about this show but it's just another standard game show with nothing new to offer. The whole family can watch and the questions are easy enough for older kids. It's fine... nothing special.

THE BAD: As is often the case, current game shows just try to be too fancy and too gimmicky and don't focus on making a quality game. This show was filled with easy and boring trivia while focusing on such a stupid gimmick as falling through the floor. The show tried to be humorous with the other contestants but it came off fakey ("street smart, book smart, etc"). Also, the first contestant of the 10 was incredibly annoying. I understand it's a family show but the questions were too easy for too long and the results were anticlimactic. Ben Bailey seemed ill at ease and perhaps seemed to know that this is a dumb show. All in all, it's completely skippable.

BOTTOM LINE: This is filler in every sense of the word. Who's Still Standing? brings nothing new to a genre that seems to be getting worse. Back when Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was huge, there were several ripoffs but even those seemed to be much better than the crap we see now. Some network could do well if they developed a real quality game show. This is not it.

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