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Sunday, November 13, 2011


CBS has historically had great success on Mondays from I Love Lucy to The Andy Griffith Show to Murphy Brown to Everybody Loves Raymond, it has been a major player. This year, they are on fire as every single show is up from last year. It started with the major domination of Two and a Half Men but even as that show has come back to Earth, the lineup has stayed hot. Most surprising of all might be How I Met Your Mother, which is showing new signs of ratings life in its seventh season. There's also TV's top new show - 2 Broke Girls, and gains from Mike & Molly and Hawaii Five-0 in their sophomore seasons. Eventually CBS may break up this lineup to go to two hours of comedy on Thursdays, but for now they should enjoy the most complete lineup on TV.

FOX has had an interesting fall with their month of preemptions in October. This was touched on last week in Good Week/Bad Week but this night seems the most affected. Glee was the hottest demo show at this time last fall and now its barely above a 3.0. Most predicted it would slip this year but it's falling faster than most thought. New Girl was one of the top new sitcoms in the first couple weeks but it's fallen hard after the World Series, hitting series lows this week. And Raising Hope, which showed signs of life with the Girl lead-in in September, completely fell apart this week. It really isn't even baseball's fault (indirectly I suppose it is), FOX chose to air The X-Factor on Tuesdays rather than its regular lineup and now they're paying the price.

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