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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

THE RUNDOWN: Wednesday, September 28

8:00 The Middle #51 "Hecking Order"
8:30 Suburgatory #1 "Pilot" (SERIES PREMIERE)
9:00 Modern Family #51 "Phil on Wire"
9:30 Happy Endings #14 "Blax, Snake, Home" (Season Premiere)
10:00 Revenge #2 "Trust"
ABC's Wednesday night airs in full tonight with the series premiere of Suburgatory and the season premiere of Happy Endings. Expect both to get a good sampling as Suburgatory seems to be a good fit between The Middle and Modern Family, which should both be strong again. Happy Endings might be able to hit series highs but will its numbers be able to stay strong in this slot? Finally, Revenge got off to a good start last week and received good buzz so while a drop is fairly certain, a huge drop seems unlikely.
Prediction: Middle - 9.1 million, 3.0/Suburgatory - 9.5 million, 3.0/Family - 13.7 million, 5.7/Endings - 9.0 million, 3.8/Revenge - 8.9 million, 3.0

8:00 Survivor
9:00 Criminal Minds #140 "Proof"
10:00 CSI #253 "Tell Tale Hearts"
CBS is all new with its lineup. Survivor might be able to pop up a bit with less sampling for The X-Factor while Criminal Minds and CSI could be down slightly, but not much, from last week's season premieres.
Prediction: Survivor - 10.8 million, 3.3/Criminal - 13.2 million, 3.9/CSI - 12.1 million, 2.9

8:00 Up All Night #3 "Working Late and Working It"
8:30 Free Agents #3 "Dr. Hu"
9:00 Harry's Law #14 "There Will Be Blood"
10:00 Law & Order: SVU #274 "Personal Fouls"
NBC is all new with another troublesome lineup. Up All Night held up ok last week but it could drop some more for Week 3 while Free Agents might be in its final week as it has plummeted quickly. Harry's Law debuted to a terrible demo last week and that's unlikely to change but Law & Order: SVU shouldn't be affected too much.
Prediction: Night - 5.3 million, 2.1/Agents - 3.3 million, 1.2/Harry's - 6.8 million, 1.2/SVU - 7.7 million, 2.5

8:00 The X-Factor
FOX did not get the premiere it hoped for from The X-Factor, in fact it was nowhere close. However, it didn't drop much on Thursday so it might be able to keep most, but not all, of its Week 1 audience.
Prediction: X Factor - 11.9 million, 4.2 

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