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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

THE RUNDOWN: Wednesday, August 31

The last day of August has a new Big Brother on CBS, new Minute to Win It/America's Got Talent on NBC, a Primetime Nightline special, and week two of FOX's Buried Treasure, followed by an encore of the pilot.

8:00 The Middle #44 "Royal Wedding" (REPEAT)
8:30 The Middle #47 "The Bridge" (REPEAT)
9:00 Modern Family #40 "Regrets Only" (REPEAT)
9:30 Modern Family #44 "Someone to Watch Over Lily" (REPEAT)
10:00 Primetime Nightline: My (Extra) Ordinary Family (SPECIAL)

8:00 Big Brother
9:00 Criminal Minds #123 "Into the Woods" (REPEAT)
10:00 CSI #249 "Father of the Bride" Part 1 (REPEAT)

8:00 Minute to Win It
9:00 America's Got Talent
10:00 Law & Order: SVU #264 "Spectacle" (REPEAT)

8:00 Buried Treasure
9:00 Buried Treasure (REPEAT)

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