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Thursday, April 21, 2011

THE RUNDOWN: Thursday, April 21

8:00 Wipeout (REPEAT)
9:00 Grey's Anatomy #141 "Golden Hour" (REPEAT)
10:00 Private Practice #67 "Blind Love" (REPEAT)
ABC is all in repeats. Wipeout should repeat ok but the dramas do not repeat well so don't expect much.
Prediction: Wipeout - 4.9 million, 1.4/Grey's - 4.0 million, 1.3/Practice - 2.5 million, 0.7

8:00 The Big Bang Theory #75 "The Bus Pants Utilization" (REPEAT)
8:30 Rules of Engagement #56 "Les-bro" (REPEAT)
9:00 CSI #237 "Fracked" (REPEAT)
10:00 The Mentalist #51 "The Red Ponies" (REPEAT)
CBS is also all in repeats but, unlike ABC's dramas, these shows repeat well. 
Prediction: Big Bang - 7.1 million, 1.7/Rules - 8.5 million, 1.3/CSI - 8.2 million, 1.5/Mentalist - 10.5 million, 1.8

8:00 Community #46 "Paradigms of Human Memory"
8:30 The Paul Reiser Show #2 "The Playdate"
9:00 The Office #147 "Michael's Last Dundies"
9:30 Parks and Recreation #40 "Soulmates"
10:00 30 Rock #100/101 "100th Episode"
NBC is all new. The 8pm hour should be a mess as usual especially if The Paul Reiser Show drops from its embarrassing debut last weekend, which it likely will. The Office should continue to have the momentum of Will Ferrell and Steve Carell's departure leading up to next week's big episode. That momentum should help Parks and Recreation too and 30 Rock should be up from last week with its heavily promoted 100th episode featuring several cameos.
Prediction: Community - 3.6 million, 1.4/Paul - 2.9 million, 0.9/Office - 8.1 million, 4.0/Parks - 5.3 million, 2.5/30 Rock - 5.2 million, 2.5

8:00 American Idol
9:00 Bones #125 "The Finder"
FOX is all new with its regular lineup. American Idol should be dominating with very little competition at 8pm. It is followed by a Bones episode serving as a potential backdoor pilot for a spinoff so it will be interesting to see what the reaction is, though the ratings should be fairly steady.
Prediction: Idol - 22.0 million, 6.3/Bones - 10.8 million, 3.

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