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Sunday, April 24, 2011

THE RUNDOWN: Sunday, April 24

Happy Easter!!

7:00 America's Funniest Home Videos (REPEAT)
8:00 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
9:00 Desperate Housewives #153 "The Lies III - Concealed"
10:00 Brothers & Sisters #107 "Father Unknown" 
ABC is new for most of Easter Sunday night. Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters have been slipping this spring and airings on this holiday could lead to series lows. Housewives will be back next season, but will Brothers & Sisters?
Prediction: Videos – 5.9 million, 1.5/Makeover – 7.1 million, 1.9/Housewives – 8.9 million, 2.5/Brothers – 6.0 million, 1.6

7:00 60 Minutes
8:00 The Amazing Race
9:00 MOVIE: Beyond the Blackboard
CBS is new from 7-9pm and, like ABC, it could see drops due to the Easter holiday.  A Hallmark Hall of Fame movie at 9pm should skew old but have decent total viewer numbers.
Prediction: Minutes – 9.1 million, 1.2/Amazing – 8.4 million, 2.3/Movie – 10.1 million, 1.8

7:00 Dateline NBC
8:00 America's Next Great Restaurant
9:00 Celebrity Apprentice
NBC is the only network with a full all-new lineup. But yet again, the Easter holiday could negatively impact their lineup. With Easter this late this year, it seems to be impacting network’s usual scheduling plans.
Prediction: Dateline – 4.2 million, 0.8/Restaurant – 3.2 million, 1.2/Apprentice – 7.0 million, 2.5

7:00 The Simpsons #471 "How Munched is That Birdie in the Window" (REPEAT)
7:30 The Simpsons #480 "A Midsummer's Nice Dream" (REPEAT)
8:00 MOVIE: The Simpsons Movie
FOX is airing an all-Simpsons night including The Simpsons movie which also aired this past Thanksgiving. Don’t expect much.
Prediction: Simpsons 7:00 – 2.2 million, 0.9/Simpsons 7:30 – 2.4 million, 0.9/Movie – 3.9 million, 1.2

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